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Quest 2 shakey environment

Hello Everyone, My quest 2 has suddenly developed an issue. Menu's and everything in the VR environment is shaking when i move my head. Turned my quest 2 on, and then i noticed it. I've not changed anything on it since i last used it. any ideas?


Bonjour,Quelle est la démarche pour installer vspatial Je l'ai telecharger sur mon pc mais lorsque je vais sur le vspatial de mon oculus 2 il ne trouve pas la deviceJe sens que ce desktop gratuit va me couter de l'argentmerciHello,How to install vspa...

Party noice buzzing

Hi everyone, I have a problem with the Oculus Quest 1. When I'm in a party, it keeps buzzing like something is interfering with the radio. It is independent of the game. Bluetooth is off. Latest update is installed. When I leave the party, everything...

Steam vr fps drop

Via link and virtual desktop does anyone else have extreme fps lags on steam vr? As soon as I close a game, steam vr goes crazy and a slideshow begins...you also need to restart the oculus and steam vr! If I exit the game to the oculus dash to see so...


Hello everyone, my Quest 2 lately started to stutter quite a lot when looking around in normal Quest 2 apps such as VR Chat, has anyone experienced similiar issues or/and has a solution?

Display at the floor?

Hello to all,I recently got a Quest 2 and I have a question...Normally you play standing up or sitting down. The same applies to videos and other VR applications. However, I would like to use the Quest 2 while lying down. When I lie on my back, I can...

What happened to the right controller

After Update 25, The right controller "floats" in and out of my control. I have re-started several times and it works, then the right controller starts floating on it's own. If I shake it, it sometimes works again for a couple of minutes. It is a pre...

Adglad by Level 2
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Add payment method broke

When I try to buy a game and I go to add a payment method everything is ok except for the zip code. I put in the right one and it just says that it's "incorrect", there is no way to skip this step either which is really frustrating.

Bad Sound when using Oculus Link

Currently running an i7 8700 with Nvidia Geforce 2070 super and around 40+ram.That said, EVErything ran just fine before the latest update. Now my sound is totally unstable. As soon as the link comes on my sound even at the menu screen becomes garble...

Tracking Issues / Stuttering

Hi few days ago i purchased and Brand New Oculus Quest 2 and after playing with it for around 30 minutes i noticed that if i sidestep or just move around occasionally my quest 2 would stutter. First i though it was just because i was using Virtual De...

120hz is on da way?

120Hz Refresh Rate Likely Coming to Quest 2Facebook originally launched Oculus Quest 2 with a default 72Hz refresh rate and ‘experimental’ support for 90Hz, which has since become the new default. A faster refresh rate makes the virtual world inside ...

Zenbane by Level 15
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is there anyplace i can my oculus 2 for repair. I wanted to change headset pulled a little too hard and pulled the mic out'

USB 3.0 doesn't work

I have a usb 3.0 type C and when i connect the usb to my laptop via "oculus link" this detect the cable as USB2.0 when it is not USB2.0 if not USB 3.0.I know the cable its USB 3.0 because i tried to connect the cable to a friend's laptop via "oculus ...

Oculus link with a low spec laptop

I'm just letting people know after hours of trying to find out and having no success if a lower spec laptop could run the oculus link and it can, just depends on the visuals. I only got to use vader immortal to try out and it seemed fine for the most...

Bloodren by Level 2
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