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Do you plan on ever addressing the lag

So far there are plenty of complaints including mine about the horrible lag making people feel sick and also people risking their safety to play the Quest by turning off their guardian! This update is a safety hazard and you should roll it back until...

Review - Onward on Quest 2

Courtesy of the folks at Coatsink, I’ve been spending a considerable amount of time in Onward, a MilSim VR shooter here on Oculus Quest 2. This one has been an intense experience, with boots on the ground in various fairly realistic scenarios, and we...

The Quest 2... What a machine

I have to say.. I used to have a HTC Vive back in the days (long time ago) and wanted to get back to VR gaming.Me being so naïve to think the same company is still the best way to go... I learned my lesson.If you're interested, my experience with the...

Recognizing USB-C device on Quest2

Hi all,I have a USB-C memory stick (compatible with any OTG device) which is formatted as FAT32 and has some media files. I connected the USB-C drive directly to my Quest 2 and heard a sound (which clearly means Quest 2 has recognized the device). Ho...

Does Quest & Quest2 works with BLE??

Hi,This is Chandu, 1.What are the current Bluetooth & BLE Specs of Quest1 & Quest2?2. Does Quest & Quest2 supports Bluetooth & BLE? If yes can you provide specs(Version).3. Can we connect external Hardware to Quest & Quest2 via Bluetooth & BLE?4. Doe...

Glue broken strap together?

The obvious answer is that I should create a ticket and have a new strap on warranty, which I have, but the support has been ignoring my ticket now since the 2nd of February... Does anyone know if there is any reason why I shouldnt just temporarily g...

Bjoessi by Level 3
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Switching accounts?

If I have an account with a lot of games and I switch to a new account will it save my bought games on the original account? And when I hard restart my oculus with it save my games so i dont have to re buy the games?

Regarding Oculus Avatar Loading

Hi, We have develop the application with oculus avatar for oculus quest devices.We have faced the following issue:Oculus 12 default oculus user id was working in before app submission in oculus store but we have develop the application with oculus qu...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Quest 2 conection to a laptop

Hi everyone, i have a question about the oculus quest 2 and I hope you can help me.I have been thinking on buying the oculus quest 2 and I would like to be sure that I will be able to connect it to my computer. I have a laptop and I know it's not the...

Resolved! Virtual Desktop and no internet

I'm thinking about the quest 2 after finding out about Virtual Desktop. My question is does it require a constant connection to the internet? I am currently on a line of sight connection until someone decides to hopefully install fiber in the middle ...

v25 update with no visible changes

I have an Oculus 1 and updated to the latest build but there isn't any changes to my menu (no Facebook Messenger), no ability to turn on Universal Menu in settings...I've restarted and powered down my headset a few times but nothing has changed. What...

GENXVR by Level 2
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