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Resolved! Quest 2 battery Degradation

My battery degraded to 1hr30 after 4 months, Oculus Support asked me to return the headset, they received it 09/03/21 said they'd ship my replacement in 2-3 days NOW 31/0321 and they just ignore my emails and tickets asking for an explanation for del...

A Quest 2 Starter Guide for New Users

Greetings from Fullerton, California!I started compiling a simple Quest 2 Starter Guide to give to my neighbors, as I know they will be receiving one on Christmas Eve, but I got very carried away...What I ended up creating, took many days and nights,...

3rd party cable bandwidth tests

Using the new "Test Cable" feature in the Oculus app... Joto 3m cable:-To motherboard's USB sockets front and back (Asus Z97-A) = 1.8GbpsTo Inateck Superspeed PCIe card = 1.5GbpsUGreen 5m extension + Joto 3m cable:-To Motherboard's USB sockets = 1.6G...

Gifting a game

Just like everyone else I'm purchasing a few games for my Grandson. I plan to send the 25 # code to my email address so I can send it to him on Christmas Day. What is the process for him after I send him the code. I understand he must go to the site ...

guardian dissapears

once i finish making a guardian boundary on my quest 2 my quest 2 freezes and tells me to make another and if i try to it does it again please help

Aswdfrl by Honored Guest
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purchased app

I have the quest 2. I purchased an app on the second account by mistake instead of the main account. Can I move the app from the second account to the main account? If so how? Thanks

KWFLfire by Honored Guest
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Game suggestion possibility for vr

Hey, I don't know how many people remember epic mickey 1 and 2 but, due to the fact that the first was for the wii could it have potential to be on vr? a new story plus a remaster of the first and 2nd one?, Also I would like to see sportsbar vr porte...

App Store

It won’t let me uninstall or install or update date any one of my apps are still saying it’s installing and it’s been saying that for two days i’ve even looked on YouTube I’ve tried oculus support and I can’t find anything on either one of those to h...

subway698 by Honored Guest
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Oculus Link question

So I have an oculus quest 2 and I would like to connect it to my PC but I do not have a USB c port to use with the oculus cable. So I am wondering if it will still work if I use a USB c female to USB male adaptor. Pls help!

Air link not functioning

Howdy. About 2 weeks ago I started running into this problem with my quest where it out of no where started saying my network "Is not secure" and tells me to connect to a secure one. I have a password set on the network and it's secure but my quest i...

Breeni by Honored Guest
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Resolved! OpenXR

When I load up the Oculus app on my PC with my Quest 2 pIugged in (by cable or Air Link) I get this message: I have checked the general settings and the OpenXR Runtime it is talking about is currently set to SteamVR. Should I leave it like that or se...


Notification App Name

The app names seem to be missing now from notifications, since v35 I think. The icons are too small to always see which app is involved. Any way to get the labels back?

Vinoh by Adventurer
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Can't connect via Oculus Link anymore

So I haven't played on mine Oculus Quest 2 in like a month now. I wanted to play again, but now I cannot connect with my PC via Oculus Link! I am using the same PC and same port that I've been using previosuly for 3 months. When I select Oculus Link ...

Card Wars

i think meta should try to some how make card wars from adventure time a game in the oculus quest 2 if they could. I didn’t know where to mention it but i thought it would be a good idea so i’m hoping this gets enough attention.

Tpogue333 by Honored Guest
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Disappointed with game selection

is Anyone else disappointed with the game selection on quest? I talked to a rep in Best Buy and before the release and he completely sold me on the fact it would be a wireless rift.....so disappointed

jennwwa by Honored Guest
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beat saber

I have a quest 2 where I play beat saber. Today I played one where all the boxes coming at me where switched. Right side went to left and left to right. I don't want to play that way. I checked all the settings and don't see a way to change that. Is ...

Eddieusa by Honored Guest
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Left Quest 2 Controller

My Left controller stopped working all of the sudden while I was playing after I came back from the bathroom: I cant pair it, It does not track, the light does not turn on while trying to pair, I cleaned it out a bit not with water or any damaging it...

Referral program

I had a friend use my referral code. It says on the app that if they accept it we both get a $60 credit. My friend received their $60 but I only received $30 is this correct?

Sram24 by Honored Guest
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So I started to reinstall Vader immortal episode 2 and I get to the part where it's in the last step and it's done the 100% and the bit where is says installing after that.It's stayed at that point for a fee hours now and I don't know what to do

Medal of honour wont install

Hi. Anyone else having similar? I have plenty of memory available. The install gets to about 4 gb and then stops. Rebooted , removed apps have 256gig version. Spent 2 hours already trying. Have others seen this.

Simrut by Honored Guest
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