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Can't buy games and horrible Customer Servi e

I've had issues with purchasing games on my new Quest 2 I purchased since mid-November 2020. So the logical thing was to go through Oculus customer service and tell you I've had nothing but frustration and no resolution!I purchased my Quest 2 through...

javacat3 by Honored Guest
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Oculus quest 2 pc issues

So I've been trying to play my OQ2 on my pc for a week now using the link cord but have had the same issue everytime. The picture is my pc specs and I have a 2080ti nvidia graphics card. My CPU is liquid cooled and my internet speed get to 435mps.Npw...

Lone Echo on Quest 2 Link Crashes

Hi GuysI am having trouble playing Lone Echo, the game are crashing. It is the same both via Virtual Desktop and via Link on my Oculus Quest 2.The errors are as follow:Via Virtual Desktop the picture starts lagging, sometimes it dissapers and I can p...

tatandk by Honored Guest
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2 Benutzer eine Quest

Ein freundliches hallo aus Wien  Mein Mann und ich haben heute unsere Quest bekommen *freu*  Nun werden wir beide eine benutzen. wie kann man 2 Benutzer auf einer Quest anlegen. Ich will natürlich mein eigenes Account haben 

Oculus Link lag

I've started using Oculus Link with my Quest 2 recently, but the frame rate was like five fps. This problem only happens whenever I'm not using SteamVR. Even if I am using SteamVR, it's laggier than when I used my link on another PC with lower perfor...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Hellp Please!!!!!

So i have a Quest and have been playing on it for a good while now, since 2019. but today when i poped on my WiFi was acting pretty crap. so i tried to turn off the connection and then turn it back on but it would not reconnect. At this point i thoug...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Hello, When im trying to open oculuslink on my oculus quest 2 something is opening and it shows me black screen. What should I do?

Eye strain while watching Netflix on Quest2

I noticed severe eye strain (5 min of) while watching Netflix on Quest 2 on my couch. (IPD 71MM)I noticed that while watching netflix, I am on the couch with the back of the head supported by the couch.In this position, I tend to move my eyes rather ...

Custom games on Oculus Quest

So i am looking forward to develop games on unity in vr and i was thinking of buying hedset and there is a question, can you play custom games on Oculus Quest? That witch you create etc.

Video vr online

Hi all, I have a new oculus quest 2 helmet.By using the browser I can see vr videos on sites like youtube but on other sites I just see a normal video with the 2 images like when we are on a pc.It's normal?

jsk1532 by Honored Guest
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Camera passthrough problem

I dont know if this is normal, when im in passthrough on top the camera he have a cut, hand tracking fail when i put my hands on that cut, help plis :csrry my bad english/

Soren087 by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 wont connect to my PC.

I just got a quest 2 and the link cable. i installed the oculus desktop app and steam vr and went through the steps of setting the app up and adding my divice. the oculus app is detecting my head set and controllers and shows it with the green check ...