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steam Vr impossible to play

i have the quest 2 and the anker cable, was trying to play the walking dead, and alyx, but the game keep getting heavy stuttering and its unplayable, i have the asgard game on the oculus store and it runs great, but those two games in steam VR are im...

Quest 2 stationary jitter after v23

Hello guys!I've noticed that even with the headset stationary, I can see a constant movement on all axis when near a menu, for example. Here's a video showing my HMD on top of a chair, completely still:https://streamable.com/jhvagyThe headset was on ...

Back headrest of elite strap offset

Hey there, I have had my elite strap for like around 3 months now and suddenly today i woke up to realise my elite strap's back headrest is like this:It is offset and constantly hurts. What should i do to make it normal again/recenter it?

Resolved! Facial Interface - Sweating

I know this is probably a strange question, but figured I would drop it in the forum and see what happens. I use my Quest 2 quite a bit for exercise and have found an issue with the facial interface (foam frame that goes against your face). I sweat a...

Budz4u by Level 3
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Help Using Link!

Since I rebuilt my PC, I am no longer able to use the oculus link from my PC to the Quest 2. I have both the anker cable and oculus cable. When I connect the link to my headset, it pops up "Allow access to data", but after I click allow, nothing... I...

Live stream Audio cuts out

I’ve noticed that my last 2 live streams will have sound the first 10-30 seconds and then cuts out, I was hoping someone could help me figure out why it’s does that. I live stream straight from the headset to my Facebook with no extra chords or anyth...

2 headsets

Hi i'm considering buying a second headset for my son, is it best to share the same account or have 2 separate ones. We have games on my headset that he uses but i dont want to have to buy the same games again?? any help much appreciated. thanks

JMC147 by Level 2
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Brain games that are on Console to VR

Dude I am a big supporter VR I plan on getting the Oculus Quest 2 believe me I see potential I have a list of games y'all just need to have the time I don't know if any of y'all seen Sword Art Online anime I know we can bring that same feel to the Oc...

How to add friend

so i have a friend in real life who got a quest 2 so i tried to add him but when i looked up his name in the search area it didnt appear do i need to find his in game name if so is that possible to do if i have their facebook account

Can't Install Game Updates BUG

Anyone run into an issue with the Quest 2 where my game updates just don't seem to download it will get to like 200B downloaded and stop on any game with an update, have checked for system software update and it says its up to date

lachosh by Level 2
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Changed my name

Hey I changed my username but after couple days still showing my old one. What do I do to fix this thanks? It shows new one here but in play it shows as old one I should add.

Oculus for Education

Greetings.I work in a middle school and we are thinking about getting around 35-40 standalone VR headsets mostly to enhance our curriculum. I do have a few questions I was hoping those here may be able to answer:A few months back, prior to Covid, we ...

Oculus Quest 2 ALVR help

I bought Quest 2 so I can play my PC games wirelessly. For now, I am using my mac book pro charging cable to play as it is login enough for my racing games. This is the link I used to try and setup ALVR: howtogeek.com/673724/how-to-play-steam-vr-game...

SKD007 by Level 2
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