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QUEST 2 blur issues

Hey..just looking for some advice here hopefully.I bought the QUEST 2 when it first came out and I've just never settled with it. The lack of black was a stumbling block but my biggest issue is I just can't seem to get it sharp. I keep reading about ...

spooko by Level 3
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How to know if my image is ok ?

Hello, i received a oculus quest 2 for my christmas ?. But after many tweak my image have poor quality when i compare with my 1080p 27" pc screen. For exemple on skyrim vr the first plan is ok but after 5 or 6 meter in thé game all is very blury. I'm...

Disappointed With Headphone Implementation

The built-in headphones are a significant upgrade from the Quest, but I am frustrated at the lack of a decent solution for external headphones. Strapping two devices to your head is definitely a step backwards. I have the official Oculus headphones f...

Help, something is wrong

I bought the Virtual Desktop app for my Quest 2 on my browser but when I open the Oculus app to install it, it's not in my library or in the store. When I search for it in the oculus browser I find it in the shop but not the app. I also checked the p...

Weak haptics

I own PSVR and Oculus Quest. My Oculus Touch controllers maximum haptic feedback is about 30% of PSVR move controllers vibration force. Someone recommended to remove batteries from the controllers and insert new ones back in one minute. I tried that ...

terreb by Level 3
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SideQuest Connection

I have installed everything as per instructions to try and play PC games wirelessly. Signed up for developer account and all that.... I can connect my Quest 2 to SideQuest using a USB C cable and it is detected. I have installed the Virtual Desktop P...

No one hears me on population one

Hi,I'm new to VR and Population one. I just finished the tutorial and tried to play but no one hears me. I've checked the apps permission in my Quest 2 settings and I can see that Population One have access to microphone. What am I missing?Is there a...

Resolved! glasses comfort

so i wear glasses and i have to use the spacer but no matter what my glasses are always up against the headsets lenses which kinda make me paranoid and i worry if this continues it could either damage my glasses or my quest 2 does anyone have any tip...

Oculus link stopped working error messege

I wanted to try my quest 2 on pc but the link does not work for me . I've tested my pc with the steam vr app and it should be fine (rx590nitro+ and i5 6600K). I have a 3rd party cable which should be fine (i bought on a website that sells drones , oc...

Oculus PC app setup won't run at all

My Oculus Quest 2 just arrived today and I was setting up everything perfectly fine until it came time to setup the Oculus app on my PC for the Oculus Link. The problem is that when I download the set up exe file and try running it, it just asks if i...

I dropped my oculus quest 2

I accidentally dropped my oculus quest 2 on the floor. The impact didn't look very violent but the oculus link stalled during a game session. Since when I turn on the oculus, I have a message that shows me "loss of tracking" and I can neither use my ...

AskewBG by Level 2
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Migrating game progress between headsets

Hi all, I just bought a 256GB Quest 2 to replace my 64GB one. I am looking for any tips on how I can migrate my settings and progress when I switch over, and anything I need to look out for along the way to make sure my games come with me. I plan to ...

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