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Is this a lens problem for the oculus quest?

Every time i use the Oculus quest there's always a white glare that's center on the middle if you try to focus your view on that spot. it's also visible through my right and left view, like a smudge of that shape which is something like this..... (( ...

wootx2 by Sightseer
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Bad pricing policy loses sales!

Noobie to oculus quest 2, bought an app, less than 48 hours later it was reduced by 30 percent... Would have bought loads more apps but now I won't pay full price for anything in case I get ripped off again... So many apps now have lost a sale...

ibanduk by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 charging while playing

I don't have battery packs yet but I plan to buy soon. Just want to share that the Samsung fast charger (for Note10+) will charge the Quest 2 while playing. Done this 4 times already. When I get the alert that my headset power is low, I plug in the h...

edkyam by Honored Guest
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Son du casque

Bonjour Jeanne oculus quest que je viens d'acheter j'ai un problème avec le son qui grésille selon l'application que je lance ça ne le fait pas tout le temps mais c'est insupportable lorsque ça le fait quoi faire qui contacter merci

Newbie Tip | Совет для новичка

ENG: Hello, I'm going to buy Oculus Quest 2 soon. Please, can you recommend any free / cheap game?RUS: Здравствуйте, я собираюсь купить Окулус Квест 2 в ближайшее время. Пожалуйста, можете посоветовать какую нибудь бесплатную / дешёвую игру?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Thinner face pad/cover

If I really push the quest 2 onto my face, I get a much sharper image, and increased FOV. Of course this is too uncomfortable, so I wondered if anyone had a solution for a thinner face pad (not sure what its actually called!). If I search for "thin f...

Charging while casting

Hi! When I am playing while charging on my quest 2 ,everything is fine. But as soon as I start casting on the chromecast, the quest 2 stops charging a few seconds after. Is it normal? I was testing because I want to get an elite strap or an extended ...

lange20 by Honored Guest
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Oculus store problem

Does anybody know why certain titles on the store have a frozen purchase button? I have entered pin on both headset and app but after, the purchase window freezes on Star wars and Cave Digger? I don't think I am being charged but nothing happens. I c...

Madgaz1 by Honored Guest
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Problem with Quest Update for LINK

My Quest is telling me my software is up to date but the software on my PC for link is telling me I need to update the software on my quest for Link to get back to working. I have been using Quest Link with no issues since the beta was released. Now ...

Stuck in shipping pending?

Is it normal for my small order of the facial interference to be stuck in shipping pending? I've been waiting for a while and can't believe something so small and available would take so long to ship.

Could not install

Hi looking for help getting up and running with a Samsung Galaxy VR with controller and a Samsung Galaxy S10 running Android 10. Setup went fine and Oculus installed no problems. I can use the headset to view the store and library but I cannot instal...

Guardian on the Quest 2

Anyone Help with advice on this please.Ive just bought the Quest 2 to replce my Rift CV1, but want to ask is there anyway to trurn this Guardian system off? its very off putting when your doing your best to enjoy a game, I`m guessing it cant be and i...

Geoff-911 by Honored Guest
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Am i doing something wrong

I cant get anything to load at all in my home like the environment loads but as far as my home menu or and applications theres nothing it keeps saying something went wrong try again

Cheeze93 by Honored Guest
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Quest2 minimum video resolution?

Hi,I am a developer working on the AVPro Video asset for Unity (http://renderheads.com/products/avpro-video/).We have had a support request come in that suggests there is a problem playing back very low resolution videos (64x64 pixels, 80x624, @24fps...

SteUK by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 with eGPU and Mac with Bootcamp

I have a radeon 5700 XT eGPU with a macbook pro (2.3GHz i7, 32GB) and I am running Windows 10 via bootcamp. I want to know 1) if the Oculus Quest 2 with PC Link will work? and if so, 2) does it need to be connected directly to the eGPU or can it conn...

rhock1 by Honored Guest
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Link Cable problems with my Oculus Quest 2

Hello there,I have recently bought myself an Oculus Quest 2 for my birthday, everything works well on one computer, I have a third party 3 meter cable that works very well but when I moved to my father's house and tried to set things every time I try...

Omriko by Honored Guest
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oculus left controller not working

so, i was replacing my battery for the controller but i dropped it onto the floor which was tiles and i went to go use it on the quest 2 again like normal and it was not connected, so i unpaired it and now it wont pair again because the buttons are n...

jtnz2000 by Honored Guest
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