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Link cable usb

Why did I spend $80 on a Oculus Link cable and the Oculus app on my PC says to use a USB 3.0 for better refresh rate and the Link cable doesn't have an adapter or USB it's only USBC to USBC that doesn't make sense

Nimage by Honored Guest
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Quest lens scratch?

When I turn on my Quest, after the Oculus logo, when the background screen is completely black, I can clearly see a small green line (like a green line scratch of let's say 1 cm) on my left lens, but then when the (colored) home screen comes out, it ...

Can't escape from YouTube

When I visit theYouTube vr app on my quest 2 the oculus main console disappears and I can't find how to re-enable it. That means I can't quit YouTube to use the rest of the apps etc. The only way I have found to resolve this is to restart the headset...

why wont my casting work?!

Im trying to cast to my laptop and every time I try to it will not work I go onto the headset and hit cast then computer and it always says there was an issue, this started two days ago and was working fine before then, I don't know what to do i cont...

Quest stops working after last update

20 days ago today (from Dec 4), I updated my Oculus Quest headset and/or the PC Link desktop app. I'm currently using Oculus app version ( and my headset is on version 259862857 - so whatever updated broke the Link connect...

Two Oculus Quest, one Facebook account

I have two Quests but i cannot use them to play in coop in most games because i use the same account on both Quests, so naturally i cannot "add myself as a friend"... So what am i supposed to do? Create another FB account, and buy a game TWICE?! Seri...

TheTonaZ by Expert Protege
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Rift CV1 to Quest 2

Hi All I`m thinking of buying a Quest 2 after playinbg on my Son-in-Laws over Christmas, he has a link cable so it is like the rift in he can use steam games and other games on Oculus store, My question is I got the CV1 years ago and still like to pl...

Geoff-911 by Honored Guest
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i need help with oculus link

Hi I recently finished building my gaming pc and I'm having trouble with the oculus link not connecting with my headset. I own a oculus quest the original and I built this computer specifically so I could play VR but when tried to it didn't work. I h...

DVID2006 by Honored Guest
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Left-hand Mode Option to Mix Things Up

I am a right-handed player who found this out by accident: if you set player preferences to left-hand mode, you can play the mirror image of a song even if it doesn't have a single-saber mode. Also, in Party Mode, you can practice single-saber songs ...

Creed Rise to Glory

Sometimes I can play the game smoothly with little to no lag or stutter - at other times it is so bad that the game is unplayable. This includes both audio and video. I've restarted the system and it is the first game loaded. The headset is fully cha...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Motion Controllers

Does anyone know if you can pair 2 sets of motion Controllers to the Quest 2? I want to use one set for a gun stock and the others with grips and knuckle straps. Or do I have to go through the pairing process each time?

SheerKhan by Honored Guest
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Connecting my Oculus Quest to my PC

Hey all, I recently tried to plug in my 1 year old 64G Oculus Quest into my PC using the USB-C to USB-C. I followed every single step on the Oculus support website for linking a Quest to a PC except for when it comes time to enable the connection, I ...

Fintini by Honored Guest
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O Q 2 ...?'s

Am new to VR gaming and stuck in the "Star Wars" game ...virtually just got started(no pun intended)...Oculus Quest 2 ...can't open storage cabinet ....%)

Badgertd by Honored Guest
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Fallout 4 VR

I'm using a Quest 2 and when I bought Fallout 4 VR back in October it worked out the box perfectly or at least as perfect a Bethesda game can get. Using either the link or virtual desktop I had no problems. The firmware update released back in Novemb...

New to VR and need help please.

Hello. I bought my wife a quest 2 for x-mas and I also bought her two games. She has the headset all set up but the games are linked to my account. How do I transfer them to her headset? Any help will be greatly apricated. Thanks.