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Quest 2: Volume too loud!

Not sure if it's only my device, but even the volume level 1 feels VERY loud in my device. I can't literally use anything above volume level 2 or it hurts my ears. Anyone else experiencing this?Also some apps like Skybox seem to have some weird volum...

tervevr by Honored Guest
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Battery Life Quest 2

We seem to be having issues with battery life. At fully charged it only lasts an hour to an hour and half. We have done everything it says from unplugging it at full charge etc. Any ideas?

Linking Accounts

Hello. Long time VR user here new Quest 2 user. I have had 0 luck via submitting tickets so hopefully someone here can help. I have an old Oculus account from my Rift. Ever since I got my Quest 2 I realized I'm not going to use that account anymore. ...

Rivendork by Honored Guest
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Replace my projector

I see a quest 2 as a fantastic device to use on your own. What I'm wondering is if I can use a number of them in my home cinema. So they all watch the same film same time probably streamed front media server but the sound comes from the source server...

USB 3 Oculus Link failure.

I can attach and get working my Oculus to a PC (Intel i7 win 10) via the link. On AMD Ryzen 5 it connects but when you enable Oculus link it tries to load the desktop but fails returning to the settings. This PC has a higher spec than the i7So cable ...

no Facebook stream audio

how do i get my stream to have audio on facebook? im just streaming to facebook and nothing else but theres like 3 seconds of audio then it cuts out. i bought the logitech earbuds made for oculus but still doesnt work

beezlebud by Honored Guest
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Dash Dash

When I start the game Dash Dash using my oculus quest it states use the menu button to start (or something like that). When I push either menu button (left or right), it takes me out of the game and gives me the quit game or reset view. What am I doi...

Building a dedicated Quest 2 VR Computer

I want to build a rig able to run full graphics in VR for Assetto Comp and Flight 2020. I hope someone has already done this and is pleased with he results. I awesome results on youtube but not much on the computer specs. Need help please!

cp317 by Honored Guest
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"Oculus link has stopped working"

I constantly get this message when trying to use the Quest 2. This message occurs whenever I use a link cable, which was working a couple of days ago, and activate Oculus link in the headset menu itself. The PC app says connected and active, and it s...

Oculus Link crashing immediatley

Hi everyone, im getting really desperate now. I've searched my fingers bare to the bone and I really can't find a solution for my problems.So first of all, when I try to connect my Quest 2 to my computer with the official Oculus Link Cable, it will d...

SHW-Luigi by Honored Guest
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Hey i am looking for someone to play VR chat or rec room or echo with i am 16 time zone UTC +1:00 Quest name is: Purp13Dr4g0n

My PC doesnt have USB C port

Hello,I've tried 2 USB-C to USB 3.0/3.1convertors but both don't seem to work for my oculus link.My laptop which has got a USB-C port does connect to the link but unfortunately my laptop isn't powerfull enough to do anything fun with the link functio...

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