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Ridiculous price.

Can someone explain to me (there is no right explanation) why the Quest 2 is $299 everywhere, but in Switzerland, it's 399 CHF? $299 is 266 CHF. What is the extra 140 needed for? I know it's not taxes, so why? Why should I not just buy it second hand...

Oculus Link disables mic

When I connect my Quest 2 to my pc everything runs perfectly the audio is normal but my mic seems to only want to work when it wants to! I go to SteamVR to play PavlovVR and my mic does not work, I wanna say about 1 out of 20 times it will work. I ha...

Huevote_ by Honored Guest
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Pattern on lens

Apologies in advance if this was covered already, but I couldn't search for it through the forum.When I have the headset on, I can see the "rings" pattern of the lens. When I pull the headset a tiny bit away from my face, those disappear. Is this a f...

menu button not working

Oculus/menu button on both controllers do not work, new out of the box. Put in a support ticket. Factory reset on app & headset, unpaired & paired & replaced batteries on both. Nothing works & no response on support ticket. Under warranty & need repl...

Wont start up anymore

I was playing Beatsaber for about 2 hours today ran great, then wanted to charge it for later and when I turned the headset back on it took over 10 minutes to boot up and then said this, So I hit try again 4 times and the same thing pops up, any idea...

Atlas3119 by Honored Guest
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Purchasing from PC or Quest 2 headset

I received a Quest 2 for christmas. I used the link cable and set up with my PC. I purchased Beat Saber on the Oculus app from my PC. However, if I am not connected to my PC with the link cable, I do not see Beat Saber as being purchased and I do not...

lwb1977 by Honored Guest
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Quest stopped working

I was using the quest in a game when the screen froze then went black. Been a day and it won't turn back on and my phone can't find it. It acts like it's just dead. Anyone have this happen and is there a way to fix it?

ahcadiuh by Honored Guest
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Oculus Quest 2 not saving guardian boundary.

I just upgraded to the Quest 2 and if I just took take off the headset momentarily to go the bathroom and put it back on, it constantly tells me that the guardian is not found and I have to create another one. I never had this issue with the original...

New out the box Quest 2 - Overheat alarm?

Hi, just had first session on new Q2, probably only 90 minutes of play, the last 40 mins playing Beat Saber and casting to my iPad.. then an alarm went off, screen went black and a message popped up saying it was overheating and needed to turn off! r...

total mess

I have tried the youtube guides and the forums but am still unable to get sidequest up and running. I have installed the oculus virtual desktop, Sidequest and the ADB oculus drivers. I have also regestered as developer although it says that they won'...

My link is not being detected

So i bought my oculus quest 2 a week ago, and I wanted to try it out on my laptop. Instead of buying the official cable, I bought a third party one. This is the cable I bought from Amazon: dethinton USB C Link Cable 10ft, Compatible for Oculus Link C...

Galaxy Forces VR [SideQuest]

This app has been around for about a year, and now I have made a SideQuest version (free as all the others). The hope is to also bring cross platform 4 player multi player by the next year. There is a lot of contents just waiting for you. 55 levels w...

rh_galaxy by Heroic Explorer
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oculus 2 link cable / Steam help please

Can someone help me.i have purchased an oculus link lead, downloaded steam ( bought and downloaded Half life Alyx) installed the oculus app on my pc.i have USB 3 ports but when i check connection in the oculus app its says its connected Via USB2? the...

danhayj by Explorer
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do i have to buy a game twice ?

Hi everyone, i exlain my problem,I just bought beat saber on the occulus store via the occulus app on my computer, i can play with link or in wifi on my quest 2 but the game dont show up on my app list on my quest 2 alone,So i cant play it without my...

Ixam34 by Honored Guest
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