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RTX 3050ti not supported

I bought a new MSI laptop with an RTX 3050 ti but the oculus app tells me that the graphic card is not compatible, I disabled the integrated gpu and still got the same issue, anyone with a similar situation as me?

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Tunisio by Honored Guest
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Others getting feedback from me

Someone please help me! When I play games people are getting feedback from me! I don’t understand why, I didn’t change any settings that I remember would effect this but a few days ago feedback started happening. Sometimes I hear it through their mic...

Battery care

This conversation is more of a friendly suggestion.... Its normal and common knowledge that users use powerbanks to extend battery life and play time... I do think there should be an option for the user to manually set an a battery level alert and ho...

Air Link with Unique/Specific Issues

At one point in time, Air Link worked well with my quest and my computer. I had a laptop that was connected to a 5GZ WIFI router, and a quest 2 that was connected over the same WIFI. I had to disable the integrated graphics and enable it again each t...

Facebook account not eligible for Workroom

Hi everyone! So I'm trying to use workroom for the first time for my compagnie and I have some trouble to connect anyone to the workroom, I keep getting the message that my facebook account do not meet the minimum requirement. I tried with a second f...

siroisa by Honored Guest
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Vr chat seated mode and viewpoint issues

When I play in seated mode with my hands down on my lap holding the controllers my avatars arms are stretched straight out forward. If I stand and hold my arms down at my sides everything looks normal. Is there a way to edit this or trick it into thi...

Diogee379 by Honored Guest
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Bluetooth keeps stoping

I always get an error on the screen saying "blutooth keeps stopping" and never stops i hace restarted it did a factory reset and the error wont go away and now i cant even complet the set up ps: i got it on Amazon and had it for a while so if you can...

22970 by Honored Guest
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Movie 'Resumes'

I'm brand new to using VR. I was attracted to it as I wanted to watch a documentary: We Live here.My grandson has a yr old Oculus unit which I fiddled with until I found and loaded movie and started to watch but it stopped after a few minutes and it ...

Wishlist for Link and AirLink features

Link and AirLink are increadible features that (for me) works really well, but unfortunately some frictions make the use a little less smooth, than third party software (yes VD is better on this side). Here's my personal wishlist:Resolution slider an...

Daws-ITA by Expert Protege
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I need to redo oculus link

I recently got an oculus quest 2 and an oculus link I connected the oculus link it did work but I pressed allow when I should have pressed deny because I didn't watch any guide and I'm trying to connect to the oculus app but I can't redo the oculus l...

McEgoo by Honored Guest
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Can't install OculusSetup.exe

I can not install OculusSetup.ehe ... I probably tried EVERYTHING! reinstalled Windows. updated EVERYTHING! turned off everything that is possible and that cannot be turned off, no effect. if I install it on drive C, it says that there is no space, a...

DukeSeeD by Honored Guest
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Partage de jeux impossible

Mon père a acheter le oculus quest 2 il y a quelque jours et tous vas pour le mieux sauf que nous ne parvenon pas a partager le jeux beat saber es-ce un bug ou nous ne pouvons juste pas partager ce jeux?

Resolved! SAV Oculus Quest 2

Bonjour, mon quest 2 est parti en SAV depuis le 27/10, après 1 mois et demi de fonctionnement, problème d'apairage avec mon tél, plus de nouvelle du SAV depuis le 16/11, 3 mail d'envoyer aucune réponse, je ne sais plus ou est mon casque, je client oc...

Tiboby by Explorer
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Unreal VR

hello guys I found a game Unreal VR - classic port of Unreal 1998 But its seems like this game made for quest 1. last ver for 2019 yIs this possible run it in on quest 2?any ways you know?

Gifting games/apps questions

I want to buy some games/apps for my niece and nephew but they aren’t receiving their Quest 2 VR headsets until Xmas. Can I send the gift codes to their mom even if she doesn’t have an occulus account? What if they get duplicate games/apps, can they ...

ocullus support refund

I bought the game detatched it will not install im told cannot get a fefund oculus has lost me as a buyer of games from them!!! this is why I love steam! oculus has has 0 support! 0 business from me