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Jurassic World Aftermath view

So I just bought Jurrasic World Aftermath and noticed when I walk or run in game that the sides get all dark... Is there a way to fix this?? cause I can't play it like this.. It's giving me a headache and would be pretty terrible if that's how it was...

things that bother me

1) my tv thing isn't working...whenever i try to access it, it says something like "this app doesn't work" and the only option is to close it;2)i don't see any menus to access almost any of the games i've installed..i have access to 'more about your ...

Did my order go through?

So I just preordered an oculus quest 2 from the official website and I got a confirmation email but when I checked my orders page on the Oculus website it said "You currently do not have any orders" What does this mean? Do I have to reorder? Because ...

Diegcor by Level 2
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Quest 2 Controllers are misaligned??

I thought I was crazy. But after some testing, I noticed that the Quest 2 controllers are misaligned within games.Playing Contractors and Onward natively within the Quest 2, the right controller is rotated about 15-20 degrees to the right.Playing on ...

Casting causes lagging after v23 update

I stream Quest 2 game play to youtube. After update to v23, casting causes lagging on Quest 2. It causes both in game and even Oculus Home especially while I was looking around. It brings me motion sickness so I've stopped streaming for now.I use Win...

Quest 2 Not Booting Up

I was playing a game this evening, and it froze completely and forced me to reset my headset by holding the power button down for 10ish seconds. Upon booting it back up, it turns on, shows the loading screen, and then just shuts down after several se...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Family Accounts please!

Let me start by saying that i am looking forward to the Quest and cannot wait for the release!But there are some concerns about Game Sharing and AccountsI once installed Oculus Home to test ReVive, but that never really felt good(issues with controll...

quest 2 saved games

im wondering if i have a quest 2 and buy my games on their in my account and get another quest 2 and sign into my account will the games i purchased on the other quest 2 and the data save for the new one?

How to fix link issue?

Hello,My config new Portable TUF GAMING A17 win 10, Ryzen7, nvidia 1660ti, 16 g RAMi have downgraded my Ryzen better connection for the cable but still lag (A non official Cable but connected at 2.6Ghz).Virtual desktop seems to work fine but not enou...

quest 2 link to pc issues

I recently bought the quest 2 and bought the Anker VR cable to be able to play steam VR games on my laptop. When I try to connect the quest to my laptop, it boots up and everything, however, the image is a mess and is tough to look at. My movements a...

2 oculus accounts linked in the oculus app?

I have a quest 2. My ex bought my daughter her own headset. My question is can I link her oculus account and my own in the oculus app on my phone so that I can buy her games or monitor her activity? Or will I have to log out of my account and log int...

Quest 2 screen freezing suddenly using Link

So I've been using Link for the past 6 months or so with zero issues. Last night, I go to play Squadrons, and I get these random screen freezes that last 4 or 5 seconds. When this happens, it's like the screen is no longer a 360 display, as I can loo...

game play

im not sure about this but here goes. I just got Quest2 and its awesome. The setup has finished and now its training me how to use controllers. NOW . how do you turn that screen off and use it? I mean once you are satiisfied with what you are doing ,...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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openxr for ms fs2020

pc app OculusSetup.exe error 'unable to start process' why? there are no logs to tell what i need to do! hello support where are you? otherwise i might enjoy my quest 2!

New User. Kind of Blurry

I've a new 256GB model (the only one you can get at the moment). Seems a little blurry around the edges. Lenses are clean. Is there an application that can be used to check the image or fine tune the fit and adjustments? Is this normal? I should pull...

problem with my graphic card

I have a HP pavilion gamimg laptop using NVIDA geforce gtx graphics card ....i have updated my laptop and restarted it and i am still not able to use my rift or quest on my laptop using the link or virtual desktop.......can someone please help me