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Oculus Quest Head strap broken

So, I broke my head strap. Didn't apply any particularly strong force and the Quest was only used by adults. I was unable to find any head strap replacement in the store. IS there any way to fix it ? PS: I was in a business conference in London 2 wee...

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andvari3d by Honored Guest
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8k video playback

Does anyone know why the quest 2 will play back sideloaded 8K 60 frames per second video flawlessly and a computer running a fast processor and radeon 5700 XT graphics card will not?

IanB1000 by Honored Guest
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Won't let you sign in?

If whenever you click one or more of the "sign in" or "register" in the corner, and it just shows the loading sequence or sends you to a blank screen, what you need to do is allow third party cookies. hopes this helps

Can you play roblox vr with a quest?

I'm trying to connect my new Quest to my PC to try and test out Roblox VR, but I'm not sure if there's something more to it then attaching an AC adapter to my quest and the PC. Does anyone know how to do this or if it's even remotely possible?

Quest 2 battery

So the battery that comes with it lasts 2 to 3 hours from what I have seen does anyone know if you have the bigger battery pack how long does it last

I cant find GearVR games on Quest 2

I have a new Quest 2 and I cant find the drop down list to choose GearVR games but I can see them on my Quest 1, I read that backwards compatibility for GO was dropped on Quest 2 so is this the same for GearVR games too? If they are dropped is there ...

Constant Freezing with new Firmware V19.0

Ever since updating to version 19, my Quest crashes whenever I take the headset off. What happens is if I go outside my guardian and take off the headset, when I put it back on, the UI will be frozen with a message saying something like "Tracking los...

dhl by Explorer
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Ciao, ho ordinato lunedì questo l'oculus Quest 2 e la sera stessa è stato spedito. Sul sito dicono che dovrò aspettare almeno il lunedì/martedì prossimo ma il corriere mi dice giovedì questo... Quindi solo 3/4 giorni dall'Olanda fino al Nord Italia? ...

Geko1423 by Honored Guest
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Cant pair oculus quest 1 after factory reset

Hi, after a factory reset on my oculus quest I cant pair it anymore. I tried to pair it with 2 different smartphones. It keep searching my headset forever, dont give the option to enter the code. What should I do?Edit: it worked when I tried to pair ...

Zarrak by Honored Guest
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Old Controllers with Quest 2?

So I absolutely hate the new Quest 2 controllers. I can't get a good grip on them with the weird angle they're sitting at. Does anyone know if I can get a set of controllers for the Original Quest and use them with the Quest 2? Or am I going to have ...

Quest 2 in-game stutter/lag

I am having a problem with Creed: Rise to Glory. I played through career in Rookie mode - and had no problems with lag and stutter - but I'm trying to go through in pro mode (maybe just a coincidence) and I have started getting significant lag and st...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus 2 and Roblox

First of all... I love this Oculus!!! I could play all day if I didn't have a job and kids. lol My son is trying to play Roblox on the Quest 2. We have watched the videos and followed them to the letter. The box comes up asking if we can share data w...

Mr_supp by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Why can't I teleport around the Quest 2 'Home'

With Steam VR & Oculus Rift 'Homes' I can teleport around the 'Home' at leisure for differing perspectives; but with the Quest 2 Home I am planted to one place!Am I missing something or is it not supported?If not supported, it it on the 'roadmap'?

Cybrnite by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Newbie

HI, I purchased a Quest 2 for my wife for Xmas so we could do fitness challenge games together, do I have to buy software for each unit or do they share an account?

Creed rise glory pvp mode

I play Creed and I get disconnected every 5 to 10 minutes. Sometimes I can't find my fights. It is caused by something, the game, the headset or the router.How can I solve this problem?pls someone helpme

VR mode in android native app

I want to show one activity of my android app (written in Java/Kotlin) in VR mode and all others as normal app 2d mode. Right now the app runs in 2d mode without any issue and shows the screen side by side. I want the screen on this activity to be ru...

Can't Connect to my PC

I recently bought a link cable and my pc isn't detected. I've tried different adapters but nothing seems to work. My pc detects it for Audio and Voice but nothing else, the Oculus app on pc doesn't notice nor does SideQuest. My Specs are (If it helps...

Nukie_ by Honored Guest
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How to merge the accounts?

I'm sorry if this is a stupid question but I'm really stucked.I have a oculus account registered some times ago. I finally bought a new Oculus Quest 2. I knew I needed a Facebook account that I don't have so a signed up to Facebook to create an accou...

f2ilbardo by Honored Guest
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Bluetooth bug v23 3rd iteration,anyone else?

AFAIK we're on the 3rd?I think the earlier versions was ok but don't remember exact times of my tests.Scenario for me..............Bose Soundsport free wireless buds working fine with both headsets Q1 & Q2.But now beatsaber has serious lag issue with...

Home screen no content

Even after several power on and off of the Quest 2, the "More From my Apps" and "Entertainment" tabs are blank. Is there a way to force a reload of those tabs? Or is there something wrong with my Quest 2 device?

edkyam by Honored Guest
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