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Quest 2 Headset WITHOUT facial interface?

Howdy,Has anyone else's Quest 2 headset not come with the facial interface that it's supposed to come with? I put it on, and after realizing my face was rubbing against hard plastic, knew something was off. Headset is brand new out of the package, pu...

"Tracking Lost" Crash Coming Out of Sleep Mode

(Quest) - Guessing this is a V19 update bug? If I'm in an app and take off the headset briefly, it goes into sleep mode after a few seconds. Putting it back on used to wake it up and I could continue on with the app. Now, I get a tracking lost screen...

dvc2112 by Protege
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Oculus Link Incompatible GPU

So i have a GTX 1050 that Oculus says isn't compatible with the Link.Why not make it so that all GPU's are able to use Link? I personally wouldn't mind playing a VR game at 60 or even 50 FPS, i can deal with that, but the app literally doesn't let me...

P3arTV by Explorer
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Recent Tracking Issues {Quest 2}

I got my quest like 5 days ago and everything has worked well, but just today I started to get awful controller tracking where my controllers would freeze in place and only able to be rotated. I can usually fix it by looking at them and shaking them,...

Battery life

My quest controller battery life keeps getting drained every time I put a fully charged battery in the controller I'm just wondering if it's possible for me to get a replacement asap

Question about the link

So when I plug in the link into my usb c it works and i can play PC vr games. I have the new v 23 update so cool right! anyway my problem is when i go into the setting to ramp up my frame rate from 72 to 90 it says in need to use a USB 3, isnt the us...

Displaying FPS (Frames per sec) in Quest 2?

Hi all,Is there a way to display the FPS on the Quest2? I've been playing with the V23 update, display rendering settings. It would be nice to know how many frames I'm getting while increasing the resolution. MSI Afterburner only displays on the moni...

woosite by Honored Guest
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Oculus Link Microphone not working

Anyone else have the issue where the mic doesn't work through oculus link? It shows up in windows but stays at a constant level. I've reinstalled all oculus software, made sure all the microphone settings were on, and setup right and tested my quests...

QuinnBrom by Honored Guest
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switching facebook accounts

Hi, If I buy apps on the oculus store while being logged in with my facebook account, and i want to switch to another facebook account later, will i be able to transfer the apps from one account to the other? Also, if the facebook account is deleted,...

Casting has been horrible with V23.

Every time I start casting, I experience major fps drops. The screen shakes and stutters so much it almost immediately induces a headache. This only started happening after V23. I cannot figure out any way to stop it, and therefore cannot stream. Whi...

Quest 2 Library

We have bought this for my sons birthday, all he wanted was the VR headset and the game Tiny Town. I was advised that the Quest 2 could do this. I cannot get it working. I have downloaded the app on to his PC and purchased the game but cannot get it ...

Will the Quest 2 work in the UK?

I'm thinking of sending Quest 2's to members of my family who all live in England. Will the Quest 2 work properly (with the Oculus Store, Facebook, etc.) there? I imagine I'd also need to send adapters so that they can plug in the power cable to rech...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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OC2 Link Issues

Hi all.when I'm playing PCVR games I get a kind of translucent band appear in my view after a few minutes. Any ideas what would cause this?Thanks!!!!

Game Crashing to Oculus Lobby

It seems like after I play (population one) for a while the game begins to get choppy and laggy and the more aggressive I play the more the headset can't keep up with the visuals and for split seconds what I see turns in to a 2D picture frozen in spa...

R34P-MATT by Honored Guest
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