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How do I transition from quest to facebook?

Hello, I have a quest and i just purchased a quest 2. I want to move my current account from quest to facebook and i do not know how. I have facebook already but i need help merging my oculus account to my facebook account. Once i do that, can i have...

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Resolved! IPD Setting Quest 2

I seem to be able to see pretty much the same with all IPD settings. I find 2 the most comfortable. However when I put it on 1, the App icons have a kind of 3D effect, like pictures you used to get where they are printed on different layers. Is this ...

Blue outline on the lens

On the widest setting for the lenses on my oculus quest 2 i have a very vibrant and electric blue coulor line, you can't ignore it. it is fully visibly It's not there on the other settings for the lenses.Does anyone know why this is?I did not have th...

Quest / Quest 2 Build 20.0 Release Notes

Update 10/15/2020: We're beginning to roll out an update to Quest / Quest v20 today. This release includes general security and stability updates and will become available throughout the week of 10/15/20. Both Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 will res...

Quest and quest 2 linked?

What is the proper way to play with 2 quests in one experience? I do not want to upset the oculus gods in any way. Do i need 2 different accounts a repurchase all my games? Can i share them in one account without problems? Thank you

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Frage - Videos - Bibliothek

Leider komme ich mit meiner Quest nicht zurecht!2 Fragen - vielleicht kann mir jemand helfen!1) ich habe Videos draufgeladen - wo finde ich denn die sog. "Bibliothek" in der meine Videos gelistet sind? Angeblich auf dem Startbildschirm - ICH FINDE AB...

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I just ordered the oculus and it says it shipped but i had a account and didn't sign in do you guys know if i will get my tracking number soon it said EST. DELIVERY DATE: Nov 11, 2020

Quest 2 field of view mod?

I am really enjoying the massive fov increase on my quest 1 by simply removing the face mask and replacing it with a tiny amount of foam in the front only.Thinking about upgrading to quest 2 but just want to make sure that this method works on it as ...

Quest 2 3D Print Models

I am also a 3D print enthusiast and love making things to mod my stuff. If you make or come across any 3D models, it would be great to share them with each other.Here is a link to an Elite Strap cable holder to start us out. https://www.prusaprinters...

Need help with my warranty

I got a RMA on my right oculus quest 2 controller nearly the same day I got it and on October 28th they received my product and I would get a new one shipped in 2-3 days well we are currently to November 12th and I haven't heard a peep plus both the ...

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Trigger Response delay

so i get this issue on steamVR where there's a trigger response delay, basically i let go one of the 2 triggers on the controller and there's a significant delay that basically messes your throwings, even Linus from Linus Tech Tips commented about th...

Rebarb by Level 3
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Shipping has even moved

I ordered my Oculus on the 2nd of November and it said it would be here on the 5th. It changed its status to Processing Shipping on the 3rd and hasnt moce since and its now the 7th. I contacted the Oculus support and they pretty much just said to wai...

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Oculus link fried my motherboard

I hooked up my oculus quest to my pc and started to get usb power surge warnings. These warning were continuously popping up with the window notification sound going off like I received a millions texts. Then my pc shut off randomly and never turned ...