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For the love of God fix the time and also I don't wanna see every dumb app I ever looked at one time on my App page. Jesus is this really so hard. This on top of my having to send back my previous oculus quest 2 for replacement bc R controller would ...

evbass by Honored Guest
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Adding payment method

I have tried multiple cards and PayPal accounts. Why am I getting an "Error" and I can't add anything. I already submitted a ticket. Is it my info or the app?? Very frustrating cause I just bought the Quest 2, 2 days ago.

Support for DualSense controllers

The Quest lineup being on Android 10 means that many newer controllers fallback to the generic Android key layout. This is a sub-optimal experience for interfacing with 2D applications/games. Android 12 officially added support for the PS5 DualSense ...


I was installing a update for population one and while it was installing it glitched out and now has been non stop downloading for 3 days I don’t know what to do and have tried everything I can think of if anyone knows please help with this

Anonymous by Not applicable
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i can not update oculus quest 2

hello i buy 128GB oculus quest 2 from amazon when i start setup quest2 after connecting to wifi oculus quest 2 dont start update and stay in "0%"(donot use the internet) iam in Iran and Facebook.com is filltered1.whats the problem?2.what can i do?tha...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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qualite image

salut je viens d acheter un quest 2 pour jouer a asseto corsa et j ai quelques problèmes de réglage , je possède un Asus strix scar 3 (Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-9750H 32 giga de ram et une rtx 2070) les jeux directement sur le quest 2 fonctionne très bien...

Smooth turning quest 2

Ok so I simply CANNOT freaking find how to enable smooth turning on my Oculus Quest 2.I've found forums for other models but I cannot find the smooth turning for Quest 2 please help this is making sooo upset!

ChefLee97 by Honored Guest
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App Library

My games and app all show up on my oculus companion app, but on my headset whenever I turn it on I look into App Library, nothing is there and whenever I try and access any of my games through oculus store it just says that there was an error oculus ...


Im trying to reset my pin and when they sent me a link to reset it I click it and it's saying g woops your lost go back home and when I reset factory it's not telling me the pin just the pair

allybees by Honored Guest
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room scale VR character controller for Unity?

Hi All, i'm experimenting with oculus integration package in Unity, the player controller works well, but unfortunately it seems to be made for stationary setups (when i get up and walk around in my quest 2 boundary, the camera moves but the characte...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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When I open my Quest 2, it wants me to do a schema to unlock it but I don't even remember creating one... Please someone help. I can't do anything

JimboDuQc by Honored Guest
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Problem with quest 2

So I was playing blade and sorcery nomad on my quest 2 and the game crashed and I couldn't do anything so I powered off my headset and now when I turn it back on it stays on a black screen and won't come all the way on what do I do please help

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Good morning! I use my Quest 2 to play IRACING via the cable link, and after a few minutes playing a distorted track appears at the bottom and gets bigger. Has anyone seen this? Do you have any tips?

local game

Good morning,Is it possible to upload a game bought on third-party platforms to quest 2 locally ?, and if so, what steps must be taken?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Right controller broken

Hello, I’ve been having a hesitation to reach out to oculus and the reason why is because I broke my right controller, I tried logging into vr chat after but it seemed to have crashed all the time. So then I factory resetted and now I’m stuck on the ...