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Suddenly steamvr cannot detect active goggles

I played 2 weeks and steamvr worked fine. Now fror 3 days I cant play alyx, because steam vr claims headset is on standby mode and cannot wake it up, even though it is physically active. I try with link and with VD, same results. I've been trying to ...

Peer to Peer / Ad Hoc Network usage

HelloIm really considering purchasing a Quest2 but only if it works on a P2P network. This is the type that requires the username and password to log into the network. I’m looking for a definitive answer, my search for info on this has been limited, ...

Another stress test of the Elite Strap

Due to messages about breaking straps another YouTube channel did a stress test of the Elite Strap. Hammered, dropped from 4 meters height onto solid ground 30 times and so on. Unbreakable and still funktionale. No micro breaks. In my opinion there i...

VR Desktop Vr Mode.

Hello, I have just launched the oculus vr desktop and vr mode. When it launched instead of bringing me to vr, it bring me to black screen. I have already side loaded it and put the patch on and installed steam vr and launched it from the game tab on ...

TarWatet by Level 2
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SideQuest Install

I have installed SideQuest but when I open the program i get this popup message: 'A JavaScript error occurred in the main process'.When I click OK, it just buffers on 'Downloading/Extracting SrcCpy'My headset is currently connected to my laptop via U...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Broken link

For the last month, I have been having problems with the link. Oculus support has been of no help. In fact, I would give Oculus support an F rating in terms of customer services. My link does not work on the same machine using the same cables when I ...

IPD setting

Hello everyone! I have oculus quest 1 and I'd like to buy the number 2, my problem that my IPDP is 55mm, in quest 1 the lens were attacked but here I don't see the possibility to do it and I feel discouraged to buy it,also my brother has 61 instead, ...

Playing downloaded video

Hello, I'm trying to play some VR footages made witrh the Gopro Fusion but the only way I found is using bigscreen where I can't see it in VR. The question is, where can I copy the file? Second one, where can I find the brouser on the Quest 2?Thank y...

HipiVR by Level 2
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Duel Oculus Quest 2 Question

My wife is interested in getting a 2nd Oculus Quest 2 so we could play games together.My question is, how exactly does that work ? If we both log into my Oculus account on separate headsets, would we both be able to manipulate the "hands" in the game...

Low max volume

The max volume on the Quest is to low. Even on 100% it can be a bit hard to listen to movies. I know that some movies have low volume. But also in most games the volume is just a bit to low at 100%. Using a headset helps a bit, but I still have to se...

Harold by Level 2
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android process media keeps stopping

I uploaded some videos to watch on my quest 2...after a while I went to my media on channels and this message crash the device "android process media keeps stopping", how do I clear the cache or do I have to do a factory reset?

When I plug in my headset the app closes

When ever I plug in my headset to my PC the app closes and opens over and over again until I unplug the headset. all of the requirements are met to be able to use Oculus link because it had worked once before but after that one time it hasn't worked ...

Oculus Quest has been a failure to me....

It shows how limited VR is in a closed environment, there is nothing to do on the thing and it's barely hd any software support. Oculus really need to open it up like Steam so we can have loads and loads of games.... cause right now I look at the sto...

I need help ASAP

When I try to connect my quest 2 to my oculus link it wont connect it doesn't show the X it just keeps loading and I have a good USB C to USB A please help me.

Quest Tracking Problems

I've been loving the quest and I've been playing a lot of Beat Saber.Since yesterday, the tracking has started breaking. While playing beat saber (not tested with other games), sometimes I'll miss hitting a block I know I should have hit. It usually ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Thunderbolt or mini display

I have an Alienware area-51m 9700K RTX 2070 16GB Ram. I have a TB3 port and mini display port as most laptops. I have purchased the Quest 2 and was wondering how best to connect to play PCVR games, not just the stand alone Oculus games. Since the TB3...