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Buying a game on PC app VS stand alone

Hi guys, just wondering if I can get some understanding on purchasing app/games on the PC app. For example if I was to buy Beat Saber on the PC app, will it be available in stand alone mode as well? Is it two separate downloads?I won't bother buying ...

Quest 1 NO AUDIO

I've got the 2 and my gf has the 1. Mine has fallen off of the couch multiple times and it's absolutely fine but her's fell 1 foot off a stool onto carpet a few minutes ago and now there's no audio coming from the headset unless I plug in headphones....

Gray- by Level 2
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Lag spikes whenever i use Oculus Link

I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this, but when i try to use my quest 2 with pc via the official oculus link cable, it gives me these intense unplayable lag spikes in games. The desktop and everything works fine, but as soon as i fire up S...

TetiLi by Level 2
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Oculus link won't connect

The link disconnects every 20 or so mins. For a while, I was able to get it to work by unplugging the cord and plugging it back in, but it was getting annoying to have to keep doing that. Apparently I didn't have it in the right USB port, but now it ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Charging issues

Dear support, When I got my oculus [its brand new, arrived a week ago] quest it was charging fine, it seemed a little slow but not sure if that was normal. A couple of days later it started taking so long to charge, I would leave it charged for hours...

Rasti73 by Level 2
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Stationary guardian issue over Link

Hi all,This may be related to the guardian floor bug that's mentioned in another thread but thought it worth starting a new one for this specific issue.I set a stationary guardian, confirm the floor level and it's perfect while in the quest 2 home. A...

Casting Lag and Poor Quality

I picked up a Chromecast 3 because I thought it might be useful in teaching my family how to use the Q2, but after trying it today I'm thinking I might just return it. The 'cast is laggy and very poor quality. The image is blurred and jaggy. I'm thin...

Quest 2 Tracking (x) Sleep Mode

(Sentences can be weird when using a translator)After asking the counselor, they said Oculus was aware of these symptoms and was due to be patched in mid-November. Is that correct?I trusted the agent, canceled the exchange and waited.First as a tempo...

pilmo by Level 2
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VR may improve your vision?

I think depending on what type of vision you have, and whether or not you have an astigmatism and or need prescription lenses or contacts -- VR may help some people with their vision? I have an astigmatism, and used to do eye exercises prescribed by ...

Multiple issue with quest 2 controllers and wifi

This is bizzare, i owned a quest1 for 11 months and 30 days, the lat day of warranty both controllers suddenly stop being recognised, after replacing batteries resetting headset etcetc the left worked again but the right did not, right until a week l...

HFX by Level 2
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Oculus Quest 2 creating feedback audio

HiI have been trying to record me using the quest 2 through while i talk to a standalone microphone with OBS. Despite being almost sure i have muted the quest 2 microphone, when i go and listen to the recording i have my microphone sound loud and cle...

Impossible to download Onward

Hello, my quest 2 is connected with a 5ghz wifi connection but when I try to download Onward it stops at the middle, around 1,5go... I try many times but it is always the same.When I connect with my 2,4ghz connection, it is too slow...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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3D camera recommendations?

Hi all, new Oculus Quest 2 user here (*awesome* VR headset!). I would like to try making my own 180 degree 3D / 360 degree 2D videos. Any camera recommendations? And, how to get them into the Quest 2 (or where to store / access them). Any info apprec...

Radman1 by Level 3
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flashing power light

Over this last week I have noticed that the power light on my quest flashing between green and orange. It will charge fine until about 94% and then takes a long time to charge and seems to stop at 96%. If I use my link cable the flashing is faster. M...

Converting Prices.

Hello! I'm looking into buying a Quest 2. Since it says 299 USD for 64 gb Q2, I converted that into My currency (NZD) and it turns out to be 447 NZD. When I went to the checkout and switched the shipping location to My country (New Zealand), but it s...

Jqmma by Level 2
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YouTube VR Help!

Hey fellas. Just received my Quest 2. When I entered YouTube VR and logged into my account, I couldn't see my subscriptions when actually clicking on my damn subscription-list? Have any of you had the same problem? My list of subscriptions doesn't sh...

Naite22 by Level 2
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