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Universal Avatar

Does anyone else find it odd that you can't utilize the same Avatar throughout all games built on the Oculus platform? It is baffling that I have to create a new avatar in each game where the options and design are completely different. I'd like to e...

Problem connection oculus link

Hello everyone,I regularly have a problem with the connectivity it seems from my pc to my oculus quest 1. when I plug it in,the oculus application does not recognize my oculus as plugged in. However, I have the oculus which loads andthe data sharing ...

Sylifixx by Honored Guest
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Oculus link doesnt work anymore

When I got my cord it worked for a few months but then it would just connect and then randomly disconnect, when it disconnects I can still see the game on my monitor and the tracking works, I can move my head and hands but I don't see it on the heads...

Problem with lens circles

Hi just bought a quest 2 moved from a cv1 I am having a problem where I can see the lens circles It’s usually on black backgrounds with a light source next to it but not always. Cannot see it on home screen, it's really annoying, never had a problem ...

maka1870 by Honored Guest
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How do I track my order??

I ordered my Oculus Quest 2 as a guest then created an account after and it didn't have my order on it which was my fault. I haven't been able to track it anywhere and I ordered it around 2 weeks ago. Is there anyway that I can see where it is..?

VRChat Initializing world flickering...

I am new to oculus quest and purchased it to play VRChat in particular with friends.I am not a PC owner so I wanted to experience VR without one, so I bought a QUEST.Every other game works just perfect, but VRChat seems to only do well until I hit th...

Controller does not work

I gave you an Oculus Rift CV1 - if I want to install the glasses controller on the machine it pairs it but turns it off at the last OK. When the game field should be selected there, the controller appears for a moment and after a while it disappears ...

Customisation Quest 2 home?

Any ideas or plans to be able to customise the Quest 2 home environments? Wondering is it's something coming soon, also the ability to move about on the home environment. Sometimes, just nice to escape into home and think!

Omg Omg Omg

It's here woohoo omg i feel like a kid at christmas , just charging it at as i type did i say woohooEdit: It's the one from amazon aus , the one from Oculus direct is supposed to be on monday .

official link vs 3rd party cable

hello is there a difference in performance from 3rd party cable such as this anker one and official cable?:https://www.amazon.com/Anker-Powerline-Pull-up-Resistor-MacBook/dp/B01MZIPYPY/ref=sxts_sxwds-bia-wc-p13n1_0?cv_ct_cx=quest+2&dchild=1&keywords=...

scopus321 by Expert Protege
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Why does my floor not set correctly?

So when i got m quest it set the floor correctly a few times but sometimes the guardian would start moving around and the floor would come up. Its at the point that even if my floor sets correctly it will move after set up

Oculus Link Cable Thread

Please post a link to any currently available AND confirmed working USB-cable. Preferably a shop-link. Oculus Link Headset Cable SpecsLength5-Meter Headset CableOuter Diameter4.6mmTypeFull featured USB active optical cable. USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-CConnec...

Tummie555 by Expert Protege
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