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Pin will not work

Hi, I just got my Oculus Quest 2 for Christmas and for the past 2 days, I have been trying to purchase Vader Immortal but it tells me my pin is wrong. I made my pin very simple so I can easily remember it, but it still won't work. Also when I try to ...

skeksis9 by Honored Guest
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connecting to laptop

Ok so I’ve ordered a usb cable so i can connect my headset (quest 2) to my laptop, but now im questioning whether or not it will work. You see, my laptop is fairly old- it’s on windows 8.1. I’ve seen loads of people saying they don’t have the right g...

Steam VR Support?

Steam is the largest digital distribution platform of PC games, and VR games, but I am unable to access my Steam games on my Quest 2. When will this be fixed?

MeadMan86 by Honored Guest
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Get $60 Credit

I ordered my Oculus Quest 2 from Costco yesterday. My cousin sent me a link for the $60 referral link since she told me about her Oculus. I don't see where I can apply for the $60 credit when I click on her link, do I have to purchase it from the lin...

New Occulus issues

Spoiler (Highlight to read)I just bought a new Occulus for my husband. We can't get it working. we've done the setup and it says it's connected to our wi-fi but when we try to start something it just cuts out constantly - like it is losing the intern...

Oculus Rift to Oculus Quest 2

Can someone please help me figure this out. I can download games directly to the Oculus, but when I download games from Oculus Rift to Oculus Quest or to PC, or wherever it goes, it downloads, but it will not install. Message I keep getting is "Store...

Cant play new installed game

I have just bought Down the rabbit hole , to play on my Oculus 2 and its installed and loaded but just wont play when I click play.Anyone know why or what I should do....all our other games play.

Spritza by Honored Guest
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Air Link Help (Oculus Quest 2)

I kept thinking if the Oculus Quest 2 can use a USB with a charging cable on it for Air Link.I have tried that, but nothing helped.During use, I thought it would work from going onto air link in my Quest 2 and enabling air link.I need some help from ...

Resolved! Unable to link phone

I have my account on quest 2 which is not the device admin. My father who is the device admin does have his phone linked.Is there a way to link my phone to my separate account? When I installed the Oculus app on my android phone it would not let me p...

Mystik01 by Honored Guest
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Keeps saying installling

I just bought unlimited bowling and I can’t even install the game, contractors vr just got a new update and ever since the game just says “installing” I cant force stop it or uninstall the game. It has been this way the past 17 hours. I just wanna bo...

Snowy image - Quest 2

Turned on my oculus. Got this image(attached). Image doesn’t move at all - even when the oculus moves. Audio sounds fine and responsive to the hand controllers. Hard reset didn’t do anything. Any advice? 

Ari-97 by Honored Guest
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