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How can i permanently uninstall games

Rec room is **bleep**ed, I want to uninstall it but i noticed that my other "uninstalled" games and apps cannot be removed from the library, how can i do that? and if I don't get a solid answer. i will tell Mark Zuckerbergto shut down oculus

Log in pattern

Does Occulus Ques 2 have a default logging pattern? I haven't ever set up one, and now it is asking me for it? What am I supposed to do now?

Razah by Level 3
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Help I can not enter Oculus Link

I have a Quest 2 128GB and I have entered Oculus Link before with no issues when I first got it (Late September). This has changed and now I can no longer enter Oculus Link using any cable I bought. I press the Enable Oculus Link button on the Quick ...

No sound and extreme slowdown

from the beginning. My oculus 2 would connect to the internet with limited connection. Then when I turned the WiFi off it went into airplane mode. Once in airplane mode I couldn’t connect to the internet and nothing I did would help. I had to factory...

Youtube vr troubles

Hi so every time I try to open youtube vr, it doesn't. I've tried restarting the headset and reinsalling the ap neither of wich worked and I'm now at a loss of what to do . Any suggestions would be apretiated, thank you.

Casting Issues???!

I'm trying to cast on my PC & Android phone, it works for a bit then cuts out randomly. I'm not unable to reconnect to my phone or the PC(Dell Thinkpad). What's causing this and how do I resolve? Very annoying!!

Problem with warplanes ww1

Hi everybody I have a problem... I dwownloaded the game on the oculus store,instaled it...but when I want play with it...I see the publisher logo and then I'm back to game selection panel. Please I need help

passthrough or other feature too much light

In my quest 2, so far as I can tell, I turned passthrough off, but there I can still see the room but not as visible as passthrough on.Therefore, if I use the oculus two during the day, I am unable to use it because the room is still too much light a...

gdz by Level 2
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Oculus lens protector

Just purchased a new oculus quest 2 it’s a great piece of hardware but why haven’t oculus made lens protectors for it?i mean for £400 a pop you’d think they could have at least added a set! The lenses are delicate to the point they are easily scratch...

Getting nervous

i see many people saying that their charger port has melted, so @MetaQuestSupport i got a question before i buy it. are you working to fix this problem, if not, will you do it soon?

Can't see PC in air link menu

Hello everyone, I need help setting up my Air Link for my Quest 2. I've got it since monday and I can't seem to make Air Link work. I set it up as per the manual but my PC doesn't show up in the Quest 2 Pairing menu. Any thoughts? (my pc is above the...

1 hr battery life

Hello,I haven't had my VR mask for a year yet and it's already stopped holding a charge. The battery life is one hour at a time. What is the warranty for the device?

Quest 2 Left Joystick

My left joystick in games keeps moving me around. I don’t know how to fix it and is very frustrating when play a game I move around when I don’t push anything on my left controller. Please help me

Controller help

my left controller wont connect and keeps telling me update error. ive replaced the batteries, i went on the app and unpaired both controllers and repaired them only for the right controller to pair and get the same notification about the left. any h...

Quest 2 unresponsive microphone

Hello, I've been using my Quest 2 for a while now (over a year) and without anything drastic happening the microphone seems to have become completely unresponsive. I've tried a bunch of stuff including a factory reset to try to get the microphone to ...

Poggle by Level 2
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Quest 2 not functioning now.

A glaring problem - wifi is connected but I don't see anything for my games on HMD or Store games or TV.. OOps nothing here! The PC app is up and airlink plus wired link fails. What Gives...V35? Perhaps Server issue? Has my opting in being an Oculus ...

1Jobe by Level 4
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Please advise

Hello,I'm frustrated. My email registered with Oculus is way old, you also have my current email registered (likely a Facebook issue) . I would like to download annual membership to certain apps and it requires my old pin (which was so long ago) vers...