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Elite Dangerous

So im just hoping someone will have some information for me in advance of getting my Quest 2.Elite Dangerous, is available in the Rift store.I have this game on both PC and Xbox already.Because the game is not cross platform, I have 2 separate accoun...

Chromecast with Google TV

I'm buying my quest 2 soon, I'm gonna pick up a "Chromecast with Google TV" as well. It's basically an Android TV stick made by Google, just came out. I know it can cast to a regular chromecast, but can the Oculus quest 2 cast to the new one as well?...

Store Credit Purchase Inquiry

Curious, what if I am purchasing less than the allotted credit? Like what If I am purchasing something that's $8 and I have $15 credit? Do I keep the difference for next purchase? I can't seem to find any details on the terms: www.oculus.com/legal/st...

Rikahs by Level 2
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Just Got A Tracking Number

My Oculus Order just got a tracking number. I only have the Elite Head Strap coming from Oculus since my Quest 2 was showing opened instead of preparing to ship, so I cancelled and bought from Best Buy with a pick-up for Tuesday. But it looks like pe...

Refund not going through??

So I bought Virtual Desktop about a week ago, and the day after purchase i tried getting a refund.And they said that it would be up to 72 hours before any response.5 days later and no respone. I am fulfilling all the requirements but could it be that...

Aftermarket battery recommendations

As us poor aussies cant get the elite strap with battery from Oculus I am looking at getting an aftermarket battery for the standard elite strap.Yes I know its available through Amazon AU but as I've already ordered the standard strap that isn't a co...

Facebook account

I’m a little unclear on the Facebook account requirement. I currently have a Quest and Rift S. I login via an Oculus account. Can I use this with Quest 2 until the mandatory transition date or does Quest 2 immediately require a FB account? Thank you

Quest 2 doesnt work

i just got my quest 2. i am unable to pair it to my phone. and when it tries to update the software on the initial setup it just gets stuck in a rebooting loop.

tmuhm by Level 2
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auxiliary battery with Quest

Hi!As the battery of the Oculus Quest lasts approximately 2 hours, what do you think to use an auxiliary battery (as seen on the picture below)?Is it a problem for the battery of the Oculus (I got my Quest 2 weeks ago)? Is it recommendaed to use alwa...

Availability in EU

Is Quest 2 available for purchase anywhere in Europe? I went to a page that displayed price in USD. So i guess that ships from US? That would be very expensive with Shipping and import fees. Anyways, it said "unavailable" like..90 minutes after the e...