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QUEST 2 lens spacer issue

Does anyone here is experience issues with the lens spacer while putting on and off the headset? I contacted Customer Service in August, and they seem not to care about my problem. Very unpleasant experience with the Customer service of Oculus so far...

alis030 by Explorer
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Brightness adjust when Quest Link

Sometimes it is too dark or too bright in some scene in Quest PCVR games. For example in Vader Immortal: Episode I. I can't barely see in some scenes   But in some Lightsaber fight scene. The flash of light is too bright and frequent and causing eye ...

2021-12-03 23_31_15-Vader Immortal_ Episode 1.png OculusScreenshot1638538805.jpeg
0xEric by Explorer
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Resolved! Quest 1 link sharpness not working?

I have both quest 2 and quest 1.On quest 2 the sharpness feature is very noticeable with excellent results, but on original quest 1 the image is the same.Is this feature for link available for quest 1?

Daws-ITA by Expert Protege
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KIWI design Blue Light

Hello , I have a little problem. I got my self a Kiwi Lens Protect with anti Blue Light glass. I put them on and all works out. Till to day when I want to swap them with VRCover ,I just can't remove it. The Left one come out no problem the right one ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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problème oculus link

Bonjour ! J'ai un petit problème... j'ai un casque Quest 2 et quand je veux lancer l'oculus link en filaire, j'ai l'écran noir avec les 3 petits points de chargement qui s'affiche comme pour lancer l'appli sauf que ça reste indéfiniment et ne lance p...

nadroj74 by Honored Guest
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Mode développeur impossible (oculus quest 2)

Bonjour,J'ai un petit problème(ou gros ça dépend) ,je viens d'acquérir le quest 2 mais impossible de mettre l'application oculus ou le quest en mode dev, rien n’apparaît sur le quest après réinitialisation, après compte dev oculus crée et vérifier. L...

Mega-High by Honored Guest
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Oculus quest 2

My oculus keeps crashing ... Almost like it's been used by someone else... Glitches up bad...which. Platform should I have for a quest 2.. and do I need to be a developer

Airlink won't launch PCVR games after v33 update

After updating the Quest 2 to version 33, when I launch Airlink and attempt to load a title in the library (Half-Life Alyx for example) it remains at the "loading" screen in the headset, yet the game does launch on my computer. Then the computer disp...

okko by Protege
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Missing Multiple Accounts and Library Sharing

New Quest 2, opened box 11/28/2021, and do not see the Multiple Accounts and Library Sharing feature even after 4 factory resets and 2 valid different Facebook users and their cells doing a new setup. The feature is just not there to select so the Ac...

firequack by Honored Guest
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Medal of honor download problem quest 2

Hello i have attempted to download medal of honor and just about when its about to finish it goes back to the install button i have tried mnay times and i have more than enough space to install it please help or am going to get me miney back

Resolved! Microsoft Flight Simulator

Hi, I have installed MS Flight Simulator Acceleration on my PC and I have purhased also the Steam edition of MS Flight Simulator. How can I enable VR for that game on my desktop using Quest 2? Thanks in advance for help.

Resolved! Question about quality

Hey, new here.I'm planning on getting Quest 2 in the near future..But I'm really worried about the graphics when hooking it to my PC..I do have PSVR on PS4 the the quality is.. well 5 minutes of gameplay when playing something other than Beat Saber.....

Rawmay by Explorer
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Quest 2: contractors stuck installing.

I downloaded contractors fine, but when this new update came out, I tried to update it. Everything went like normal until it tried to install it.. its just stuck and I can't force stop it. Is there anyway to fix this with out a factory reset...??

$50 / £50 voucher deal - is it over?

Hi Is the deal offering a £50 or $50 games voucher with the purchase of a Quest headset over? On the website, the offer seems to have been replaced by the '£10 off an Elite strap' deal, but the £50 voucher deal was described as a "festive deal" - not...