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how to link quest 2 to pc

i know the quest 2 link lead is a usbc type on both ends,i have a motar b550 motherboard and it has a usbc socket on it, the rate on this socket is 10gb and its not thunderbolt,will this socket work with my quest 2 ? if not what do i need to to do to...

update stuck at 50% or 0% Fix??

Here is what I did to fix the Quest as it was stuck in a updating loop. The headset was stuck at 0% while looking through headset, and my cell phone app was saying 50%. This is what I did to break the cycle...1.headset was charged to 100%! Not 98, no...

About the games in Steam

I am so curious about Quest 2 if I playBeat Saber or any games in Steam. Should I use Link to PC to play it or I haveto pre-download the program to Quest 2 USB to play? Anyone can help me aboutthis question , thanks.

Background Audio Distorted during Scene loading

Hello,In my landing scene, I have an audio source to play a background audio clip (DontDestroyOnLoad is set).When the player selected some options, the main scene is loaded. The problem is that the background audio is distorted during the scene loadi...

RicGui by Level 2
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Quest PC Link, my 5600 XT is not supported.

I'm stuck with something weird.I upgraded my video card yesterday from 480 to a 5600XT and before I bought it made sure it was on the support list. But it kept on saying it was not supported, so I went the whole mile since I needed to do some mainten...

Oculus Link USB Motherboard Compatability

I've been recently trying to work out through some of the ambiguity for Oculus Link's (Beta) USB 3.0 requirements, as my motherboard (while having native USB 3.0 ports) does not seem to be able to run Oculus Link.Seeing as the USB 3.x naming standard...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Quest and Google Chromecast

I recently bought a new Chromecast so that I can stream my quest to the TV. However, there's like a 2-3 second delay. I was wondering if anyone else is dealing with this, and if anyone has suggestions on what I can do to better it. I did here that it...

compatible link lead

For the quest 2 they sell a link lead that has both ends usbc, is there a compatible one out there, i have seen one that states it will work on the quest 2 but one end is usbc and the other is just a normal usb end. does the quest 2 have to have both...

oculus linkが使えません

oculus questを使用していて、購入時についてきたケーブルにてPCと接続していますが、steamVRでゲームをつけてもヘッドセットに映りすらしません。どなたかわかるかたはいらっしゃいますか?ちなみにoculusソフトを見ると、ヘッドセットの音声がありませんと出ています。

"Quest 2" Native Titles

I understand not wanting to alienate millions of "Quest 1" [Q1] owners by making games that aren't compatible between the two.But eventually Q2 owners, moreso sooner rather than later,will want something that makes use of the XR2's superpower! Do you...

CaryMGVR by Level 4
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Never received my Quest

I ordered a Oculus Quest back on mothers day and it still hasn't come in yet at first I thought it was because they were just sold out but in the email I received it said that I had a reservation for a quest. But I still have yet to get it.

Just some basic Oculus Questions

Hi there! Just preordered a Quest 2, and have some questions.For one, I just purchased SUPERHOT VR on sale today, i'm assuming i'll be able to download it onto my headset for portable use when I receive it? It won't just be link and play correct?Also...

Resolved! Oculus Quest 2 & sun & video projector

Hello all,I read, the quest 2 should avoid the sunlight directly.Does it mean, if we forget it on a table, near a windows, it will be dead ?What about a video projector ? I use one to mirror what I see in my rift, sometime the light is on my head, is...

azmodey by Level 4
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Quest 2 pre-orders

I made a pre-order for the Quest 2 & the Elite Strap on the first day of Facebook Connect 2020. I immediately received confirmation emails for both items.On checking the status of those pre-orders yesterday. I can find no trace of the Quest 2 pre-ord...