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Ich kann auf nichts mehr zugreifen, weder auf mein Konto noch auf den Store oder meine Spiele, wenn ich versuche es zu öffnen steht dort nur : versuche es später erneut.


Hello, I am planning to buy 2 Oculus Quest 2 for my wife and I. We want to visit museums together, at the same time and in the same VR session, is that possible.

rdionne67 by Honored Guest
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Overlay help

Can anyone please tell me what I have done to enable this on screen HUD? I don't know what/where I selected this during the setup and would love to turn it off to enjoy Alyx in peace.

crod712 by Honored Guest
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When I launch the YouTube app the screen is very high - I don't know how to reposition it so that I can just look straight ahead - and in the search box, when the keyboard appears I am only getting the top half of the keyboard = so I am not able to u...

Left controller keeps dying

I’ve replaced the battery in my left controller 3 times in under 2 weeks. I have not had to do the same with my right controller. Keep in mind I am right-hand dominant therefore I tend to use my right controller more. For whatever reason, it seems my...

Oculus team

Hello ,My controller is not been working for 3 months ,I have contacted the Oculus team and for 3 months they haven't been able to fix it . I am very disappointed with them services and I would not recommend buying the Oculus Quest 2 . I have heart m...

roughly by Honored Guest
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Problème beat saber

Bonjour,A chaque fois que j’essaie de rentrer dans l’app beatsaber, ils me sortent de l’appli sans l’ouvrir, et la deuxieme fois, ils m’affichent « controleur autorisations s’arrêtent systematiquement » et au final j’ai quand meme pas acces a l’app. ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus home not showing up on quest 2

When using oculus link, oculus home does not show up on the quest 2 and instead just shows a black screen and the only thing I can do it just see the boundary. The oculus app says the quest is active and that there are no issues. I am using a 3700x a...

Audioble by Honored Guest
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Everything is connected… but no internet.

My app on my phone says the Quest is connected to the WiFi (the WiFi is working for everything else) and the actual headset is connected as well (from settings). However, it says “something went wrong try again” in HOME and says there is no internet ...

naeglemc by Honored Guest
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Different Controllers

Are there any plans for a new controller for use with the exercise crowd? I love the supernatural app, and it would be great if they had actual boxing gloves or a controller associated with a saber.

JoeCous by Honored Guest
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Download complete, no installation

Hello all, i am new to this vr world, so i have a probably minor issue, but I can't handle it. I am trying to install app via the oculus browser page. It says download, but then it goes purchased and stopps. No installation although the quest is conn...

Oculus Quest 2 defect?

Hey,I have the problem that after an update of my Quest 2 the screen does not work anymore. Connecting the glasses to the app/PC works so far, but the screen remains black. A factory reset didn’t work either. I also do not enter the boot menu, becaus...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Help

I need help with this, everytime I try to download the Oculus software for the quest it says I don't have any space for it even tho I have 1 drive that has way over 50 GB. I have had the software before but I uninstalled it because I reset my system....


Hi, so i play a lot boneworks recently (through steam), other games work just fine, but i have a problem, sometimes when i start the game i get 3 fps and cant do anything, is there a fix?

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