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Your experience with the Oculus Quest

Hey,I'm looking to buy a new VR headset, and wanted to hear from you your thoughts and opinions about the Oculus Quest. As someone with a pretty powerful computer but with not much space, I don't know if I can fit the Rift S in, and because the Quest...

[Quest] Controllers stuttering using Link

Hi,I am using the official Link cable and I noticed that when I switch to the Rift page (I mean when you enable the Link Beta App) the controllers seem to be less fluid, they seems to be sampled at lower frequency than when Link is not connected (I w...

killkrt by Honored Guest
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Roomscale guardian sharing?

Is it possible to share the same roomscale guardian with 2 Quest users or does each user need their own separate guardian? If separate, then can each guardian overlap, ie can each user see one another without running into each other?

DeMoney76 by Honored Guest
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Is my laptop fine for VR?

I use this laptop for a lot of things, but i wanted to know if it is compatible with the quest. I have a AMD Vega 8 for gpu and wanted to know it it would work for steam VR games. I saw that Vegas is supported by oculus, but i want to know if there a...

Bujangles by Honored Guest
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Vr videos or experiences with great visuals

Hey, so I just bought a quest. My kids are coming tomorrow and I wanna blow their minds. They'll obviously play games such as job simulator but what about videos and experiences to ease them in.I have the free jurrasic world which is pretty cool, yet...

WottaNoob by Honored Guest
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Oculus Quest Cable Extension Help

I am going to be getting the Oculus quest soon, and the way my set up is, from my PC to the play area is about 25-30 feet. I am looking at what are my options to extending the cable. I do have a 2070 video card with USB-C support, so my plan was to p...

Firec98 by Honored Guest
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Oculus link Usb connection test

Hi, i just got my oculus quest today. I´ve bought a 3 m usb c 3.1 gen 2 10 gb/s cable and connected the quest to the usb c 3.1 gen 2 port of my alienware 13R3. The connection test of the oculus software says that the headset is connected to usb 3 wit...


I watched a couple YouTube Vids on how to increase the resolution on the Quest. Im not a 'techy' person and I got lost in their instructions as they either talk too fast or missed a step.I download the adb files but there were some run commands/promp...

Quest link extreme extension

I would like to play be games from my computer using the quest, the problem is my computer room isn’t in the most VR place and the nearest “usable” area is about requires 30ft of cable to reach and the best place requires 40 to maybe even 50ft (inclu...

Quest + VD + SteamVR Issue

Everything was working normaly with no major issues, and then from one day to another massive sttuters that makes everything unplayable, this only happens when i open steamvr or a game (beat saber) of steam vr, its runs smoothly if im just on the vir...

Make an easier way to use link with PCs.

This was my post on Oculus Feddback, i think could help someone to temporally fix PC problems.If u are agree with my post, pls go to feedback and vote it ( title of feedback post is the same of this title).I can use the link with my PC, just because ...

kameomax by Explorer
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