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Quest TV casting

Anyone come up with a way to fix the mic and casting issue? I have tried the recasting when you join a match or room, just wondering if there is a better more permanent solution.

Oculus Link Cable

With the current Covid-19 outbreak with no sign of letup in the coming months, coupled with slow/no manufacture coming from China I have decided to post this to help Quest owners get a working Link cable. I would not ordinarily bother because I belie...

Umpa_PC by Level 8
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Help Me

Hello there,I have wanted so much since you first launched the oculus quest, but I can't get it because I don't have that much money, can my dream of oculus quest send me a gift?my email:Edit: Email removed by moderator.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Facebook Horizons

Sorry if I missed it but, where is facebook horizons??? It was in the upcoming apps for like the last 6 months and has now seemed to disappear completely. Did I miss something?? Doesn't seem to have been released?

crxefx by Level 5
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White flickering Screen Tearing on quest

Ive noticed this the most when in the quest home menu and while watching netflix which seems it seems to occur in more frequently, (or maybe i just notice it more because im not really playing a game and just watching tv). Almost looks like its the p...

Just Bought a Quest; One Disappointment.

I just got a Quest this week and I'm really happy with it - for the most part. The hardware is amazing. Obviously Beat Saber is fantastic, I've been playing Eleven and Echo Beta, and enjoying the experience overall.However, I'm a little bit heartbrok...

Agedude by Level 2
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why everything is out of stock?

I would like to know why is every VR out of stock like is it because of the pandemic or it is always like that. I was interested to by a quest for the mobility and PC options and i saw that the prices are very low for the features it has or maybe onl...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Cannot set stationary boundary

I cannot get past the set boundary step. I need to select stationary because I am developing behind a desk. When I select and confirm the stationary boundary, I get the messaga need to go back to the playing area (also using the room scale in a diffe...

Itunes films and Quest.

Hey all, is it possible to watch purchased Apple movies on the Quest. I’ve read it was possible last year but can’t find any new info. I’ve installed skybox on pc, steam vr, and on my iPad and can not get it to cast/play. The closest I have got is Do...

Quest not Charging!

Anyone encountered a case where the Quest is Not Charging or giving any power signal!Because,I It was working excellent, and i tried to charge it when it reached 5%, So i tried the following:1. Official Power Adapter Original Cable --> (Result not wo...

Oculus quest not charging properly

When I got my oculus quest it was charging fine, it seemed a little slow but not sure if that was normal. A couple of days later it started taking so long to charge, I would leave it charged for hours and it would only go up 1 or 2 percent. The orang...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Beat saber keeps saying, "uninstalling"

so recently I wanted to play beat saber and it had an update so i clicked update. The problem here was it wouldn't update. I tried updating it multiple times but it still wasn't working so i tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but it wouldn't u...