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Teenways- By Thomas Harvey, Anna Hiotes

Thousands of teenagers and young adults will fall into the trap of drug and alcohol addiction. This becomes increasingly problematic as it becomes easier to gain access to these substances. We believe that it is impossible to prevent these substances...

Product Suggestion: Support Miracast

Recently got my quest and for the most part am pretty happy with it, but it not supporting Miracast is something I can't fathom, On top of the not inconsequential cost, you're supposed to spend 35 to 60 for every device you own to cast that already e...

need help with oculus quest disconnecting

hi everyone i'm new to this forum and the VR world. i bought a oculust quest a couple of days ago and it is a amazing ! then a couple of days after i got my usb 3.0 to connect it to my pc ! i only bought boneworks for now the thing is when in steam v...

keralina by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 or Quest+ should be powered by Bionic A13

Just Noticed Apple is about to release Iphone SE 2020 with super souped up BIONIC A13 chip . just have look at the mad raw power this chip has, its time Oculus must snapskip using those Snapdragons & shift Quest to Bionic A13. its sheer powerhouse. M...

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Dilip by Rising Star
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question pour les manettes

bonjour j ai un problème avec la manette gauche la charge et bonne j ai changer la pile, les voyants sont vert au casque mais je voie pas la manette a l écran je voie que la manette droit pouvez vous me dire ou vient le problème

Rift games at a Quest

Can i play Rift games when i connect my Quest to my PC with a cable? I can play VR games like Half-Life Alyx with that on my Quest but im not sure if i can make the same with games from the Oculus store.

Synizer by Honored Guest
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Please allow to hide and move apps!

Hi! Please update the quest so that certain apps can be moved or hidden so they are not easily found by everyone who puts it on to try. There are certain non family friendly games I don't want everyone to see!Please fix this!A

AC_Cecere by Honored Guest
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Oculus Link Problems

So, recently I've wanted to play some SteamVR games and some Oculus ones, but when I try to play them, either; 1. I just get a black screen with 3 dots until I unplug the headset, or 2. When I choose to enable Oculus Link, it keeps crashing, and I ke...

Cyorg by Protege
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First Updates file sizes?

HelloJustwondering how big is the first main update of the Quest after settingit up for the first time I am low on data for the month and I need toration it till my plan resets.Alsohow big is the firmware update as well?Thanks.

"Oculus quest system driver has stopped"

My oculus quest was working perfectly fine last night zero issues, put it in its normal spot plugged in. I just got back home from work, unplug my quest and normal boot up. But as soon as I look around(haven't passed the guardian setup)the surroundin...

My quest won't update to 16.0

My quest is stuck on 15.0, and says that no updates are available. I have tried charging it to 100% and leaving it on and charging all night, I have reset it many times, and I have even connected it to ultiple different wifi networks but no dice. I u...

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Anonymous by Not applicable
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Interactive home environment

I don’t understand why oculus quest doesn’t have any interactive home environment like on Rift, I don’t think it’s cause of the limited hardware resources cause it’s just a tiny space to explore. Is oculus taking into consideration to offer this kind...

maurapi94 by Honored Guest
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Quest inclined view problem

Hello ! I got a problem with my headset, first i see the logo while turning on my quest inclined [FIRST IMAGE] (i don't think it's common), i knew when i bought it it was like this already but i didn't had any issue with that whether it's in game or ...

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Anonymous by Not applicable
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PC not detecting Quest anymore

My PC isn't detecting my quest when i connect it. It has previously worked before but my PC is not finding the drive. The cable does work as it still charges the quest. ANy ideas here. Thanks

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Black screen when using Oculus Link

Hello,so I had the Oculus Link working, I played little bit of Minecraft VR and the Oculus First Contact. But then, when I wanted to do something with my Oculus Link again (for fourth or fifth time) it showed only black screen or the three loading do...


completly unusable oculus link.

just as I got beat saber and version 15.0 came out for oculus software and others beat saber started "crashing" and causing the whole system to have to be unpluggedand turned on again just to play another 5 minutes until it stopped again, as of the n...

blazeflre by Honored Guest
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Oculus Link problem

So I recently got a 10 ft party link that was suggested by The Oasis and I try using it and all I get is the loading 3 dots and a grey screen.is there any way to fix this?