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Hi everyone, I'm a filmmaker and I'm new in this world. I'm trying to understand how to bring this technology into filmaking, cinema, social ad. and more. I know that you will need a 360' camera to record a video that is going to be able to watch on ...

Do you believe in fairy's ?

I do, I was visited by one last night !So I I decided to buy a second hand GTX1070 OC and stick it in my Trident 3, fitting was very hard as the dimensions make it a very tight squeeze. Its a total strip-down job. Anyway I shoe horned it in, and turn...

Umpa_PC by Level 8
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Vader immortal subtitles

I believe they are not present, or at least I have not seen it. It would be possible to introduce in Vader immortal subtitles at least in original language?thank you

Paglioz by Level 4
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Oculus Quest glitch

Hello,Since I have my Oculus Quest (4-5 weeks), I regularly have problems with micro-freezing of the image, but the head tracking still works. So when I look around me, the camera in the game moves, but around the frozen image there is only black. Wh...

Daxime by Level 2
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Screen Freezes Oculus Link

ok so basically I've been playing Boneworks and other steamvr games and no issue but lately (it's the 3rd time it happens) when i play for over 30min the screen of the HMD freezes and you only see an image of the game also no sound and I'm pretty sur...

Rebarb by Level 3
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Oculus Quest or Oculus Rift S?

HelloIm thinking about buying VR headset from Oculus and there are A LOT of UNKNOWNS and PROBLEMS about those two headsets. Oculus Quest:Quest is known of its portability but recently it can be used as a PCVR Headset via Link. How do We connect that?...

Patek2 by Level 3
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Why so few "gun games"/railshooter games ?

Am i alone to wait some games likeVirtua CopOperation Wolf (Rift has Operation Warcade, not bad but not as fun as it should be, it hasn't "arcade sounds" like Op Wolf had)Mafia/ProhibitionWest PhaserDuck HuntLethal Enforcer Ninja AssaultHouse of the ...

EynFR by Level 2
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Oculus Quest Setup

I got my Oculus Quest today, and went onto the app to go set it up. I was trying to follow each step, but the first problem I noticed was that it wont charge. It says I should get a light on the side of the quest, but there is no light. Ive made sure...

Oculus Quest Link, lack of cable.

HelloSo there is a HUGE problem when it comes to connecting Oculus Quest headset to the computer and using it as a pc vr Googles, due to rarity of Oculus official cable on the market.I live in Europe, Poland and I have no idea where should I buy This...

Patek2 by Level 3
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i want boneworks on quest i play'd it on with link cable.and i think it can be on quest.i just want it on the quest.i will be happy if you can get it on quest please

Possible OS corruption

My Quest will no longer boot up. The charge light stays red even when it's fully charged. The display flashes on for a split second, then flashes off and it keeps doing it like it's stuck in a loop. I have tried a "factory reset" but to no avail. I w...

Question on running Games from Computer

Here's a simple and short question from me: If I were to run games from my computer onto my Oculus Quest (link cable or something), which processor would it run on; the computer processor or the Oculus Quest processor?If anybody can help me find this...

kaixgt by Level 2
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Trying to play Minecraft Java

My son is trying to playing Minecraft Java edition. He has the Oculus Quest and we purchased the Oculus Link to connect to his computer. He set up SteamVR and Vivecraft using instructions on a youtube. He has a laptop connected to a monitor. It only ...

Oculus quest update in progress loop

Any one having this issue?I received my oculus quest last night. Once I started it up it did an update as I paired it to my phone. But after I finished the tutorial and tried to open oculus browser then a window came up telling me there was an update...

Oculus Link and Microphone.

Here is the setup.Rift S running Arizona Sunshine bought from the Oculus Store.Quest running Link with Arizona Sunshine from the Steam Store.Both systems on the same LAN.Both games run great, and we can both join online together, and play all the mod...

Umpa_PC by Level 8
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Unity crash using Vulkan and Unity 2019.3.5f1

I am using Unity 2019.3.5f1 and Oculus to try to make a game for the Quest. I am getting an issue, though, when I try to build and run it. It works perfectly fine in the editor, but when I try to build and run it, it just crashes. In the headset, it ...

BSFishy by Level 2
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Oculus Quest App crashing

Anybody using a mobile with Android 6.0 with the Oculus quest App?... I get the app crashing after about 5 seconds every time. WiFi and BT are on. The missus has Android 9 (I think) on her mobile and that works ok. I updated my Lenovo K3 note to 6.0 ...

not playing any steam games

im on the highest update when im on my quest it says click to go into the beta so i can play steam games and nothing pops up it just refreshes my screen pls help i already played once about 5 days ago but know its not working anymore i dont know what...

IwaterI by Level 2
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