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Few sports games

En: Do you plan to make sports games - hockey, tennis, football and others? Very few sports games! Dumb shooters are not interesting to me.Ru: Планируют ли делать спортивный игры - хоккей, большой теннис, футбол и другие? Очень мало спортивных игр! Т...

Eugene888 by Honored Guest
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I have resisted link

I have seen many posts of peoples many problems using link, and myself only having a prebuilt VR ready gaming PC, which only just meets the minimum spec for Oculus PCVR, it was pretty obvious I would run in to problems if I even tried to use link.I h...

Umpa_PC by Rising Star
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Unity editor crash using hand tracking?

Hi all,Today I got my USB 3 to try out the Oculus Link. Overall worked smooth and the Unity editor works fine with controllers.However... hand tracking is not be supported on the link? (unity basically crashes upon play, and the link states hand trac...

Chronodos by Honored Guest
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There was a problem with my quest main menu

There was a problem with my quest main menu. As shown in the video, every time you click the function button, the entire screen will freeze for about 1 second. Attached video is connected. Sometimes even the whole menu is garbled like the picture sho...

3839911 by Honored Guest
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Oculus Quest with Link Help?

I am trying to get this rig running with a new pc for my son. From I gathered... and I could be wrong but the pc should work. RYZEN 7 with AMD Raedon RX580. However, once I connect the Quest... the pc recognizes it then the screen just stays black. N...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Vrik layer camera view body

hello, i'm using vrik in multiplayer and i would like, like a classic fps, that the player does not see the whole body but that the hands of avatar avatar, but that the other players see the whole body. Do you have a tutorial or a solution please?

Oculus Quest tracking issues

since the new 14.0 update for Oculus Quest i've been having lots of tracking issues like it got worst than 13.0, every 5 minutes the screen goes black for like 5-10 seconds and a message appears saying "Tracking Lost", the controllers started to drif...

Rebarb by Explorer
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Wouldn't it be great...

if you could grab your drink or beer during a VR session? But lifting your VR headset up is just so annoying...Why not have an key combo to switch to camera mode with one hand, so you can go for the drink with the other.Like to see that coming! 

Motion by Honored Guest
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Pc Reguirements

I bought a laptop within Reguirements för usling link, but There is a message that its doesnt have the minimum reguirements..strange !Its a Ryzen 5 3550 and a gpu AMD, Radeon Rx560x..why and is There a solution?

flovgren by Honored Guest
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Discord with Oculus Quest

Hi Guys,first of all, I'm super happy about how the system works as stand-alone VR console, and also via link cable, with my favourite game - Elite Dangerous.I have one issue regarding the Discord connection. Is there any possibility to talk and hear...

FurioMan by Honored Guest
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Vader Immortal Episode 1

I just received my quest and bought vader Immortal 1. As soon as I start the session, when I'm in the ship with robot, I'm in the floor. Then vader comes in and I can't reach what he's holding. Am I missing something? Not sure how to "get up "

Refunded game at unknown sources tab

Hello. So I refunded a game and when I wanted to play some sideloaded games I saw the refunded game at the unknown sources, I started it, it loads in and plays perfectly. Can I play with it normally without worrying about getting banned???

I keep on losing tracking! What is this?!

Whenever I'm playing beat saber, or any type of game that requires heavy movement, my controllers keep losing tracking (and fly off in game). This usually happens when I press ANY button on either of the controllers or when I do weird/excessive movem...

Spledgey by Explorer
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Not setting ground right

When I set my guardian and it tells me to touch the floor it all seems to be working, but when I finish setting up the guardian and i put my controller to the ground I am a foot or so off of the actual ground and it is messing with me perspective in ...