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Beat Saber

I have been using Beat Saber Demo for quite awhile. When I saw Beat Saber with Billy Eilish I bought it only to find that you had to pay extra for Billy Eilish. Looks like false advertising to me. Anybody else?

Harrisgtz by Honored Guest
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Video vr resolution Oculus 2

Hi guys.I have Oculus 2 about two weeks and i cant solve my problem. Oculus have resolution about 7K mabe 8K. But video in youtube vr or oculus vr is terrible, becouse i cant set bigger resolution than 2160s on youtube vr. I pay youtube premium - no ...

Accessing Oculus Quest2 file system over Wi-Fi

Hi,is it possible to access Oculus' file system from a Windows PC when connected over Wi-Fi (using adb connect), similarly to how it is accessible when connected over USB? When connected over USB, I can see it as a new device inside the "This PC" fol...

RishoT17 by Honored Guest
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Radeon RX 5500 XT ?

Hi, I've bought myself a quest 2 and I wonder ,can I run it without wire on my pc? Some people told me yes (in low everything) and others that I need a 1000 € graphic card? I've tried but its all laggy...Is there anything between? Like a 250 €graphic...

D4RW33N by Honored Guest
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Family sharing

Oculus really needs to add true family sharing. I have two boys that I bought two quest units for and in order for them to play a multi player game together I have to buy the game twice which is really unfair and expensive

tracking lost issue

hey i dunno if this is a bug with new update or something but ever since updating my quest 2 recently whenever i connect it to a computer than disconnect it, when i put the headset on i get tracking lost image that moves with my head movement, once i...

scopus321 by Expert Protege
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V34 and Oculus Link issues

Since V34 installed itself, it stopped Oculus link from working.It is not my computer as it was fine moments before.I did all the suggested work arounds ( verified USB 3.0, latest graphic, etc...) though it is in the update itself. I have 2 systems t...

zrileys by Explorer
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Bought an oculus 2 from someone

I just bought an oculus from someone I’m trying to set it up I can’t seem to connect my controllers. It’s asking to to take out the black things that you take out of the controller when first bought. It didn’t come with that any advice what to do.

cidnie97 by Honored Guest
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Oculus Link - Graphic Driver Issue

Oculus Quest 2Hello,Never had this issue before, but today when I tried to connec to Oculus Link it's stuck in a loop with those 2-3 white dots. In the Oculus App on my PC it says "Graphic driver issue".The only recent thing that I could think of tha...

khold93 by Honored Guest
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Resolved! broken contrller

I gotta use my warrantee on my oculus because my controller doesn't want to connect at all. I already tried all the trouble shooting step so no use of sending them to me. Unless u guys wanna give me a left controller for free. so yeah kinda sad now :...

Kasvix by Honored Guest
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Oculus won't replace my defective Controller

Hello, I bought an Oculus Quest 2 4 months ago. Now the left controller is broken. It is stuck in a continuous Firmware Update Loop and the headset doesn't recognize it anymore. I have googled a lot about this issue and have found that it is a known ...

RaygeH by Explorer
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V34 Update i need to turn off auto update

V34 was running fine so far link is giving me some issues with clarity and my quest 2 boots evert time no lockups the home menu not lagging but when i wake the quest 2 out of sleep and run resident evil for or oculus link, only them 2 things the syst...


Quest 2 driver update error

Hi, I just updated my GPU's drivers and when opening the oculus link it says that there is a problem with my graphics drivers so I can't use the air link and when I click on the link It doesn't help me. Does anyone know how to fix this bug?

CAGEDXR by Honored Guest
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Oculus Quest 2 Charging Port burned

I've been reading posts about this, but honestly I think it my case it got wet because the cable was hanging outside the truck while raining. I knew this, but I forgot. Oh well. Started melting away. Either way, I'll just buy a new one, but is there ...


I want to buy a VR for my granddaughter for Christmas but I don't have a computer or playstation etc. Is there a way to buy a VR without on other these devices? And which one and could you help me pick the best one with the most features

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! can't pair Quest 2 after setup

Hello,I recieved my Quest 2 two days ago, and had a little trouble pairing the app (Xiaomi Mi A3, Android 10) with the headset but it eventually worked.Today, I tried to open the app to enable developper mode (I bought the Quest 2 half for playing, h...


I had already restore my Oculus Quest 2 and reinstall my software on my computer . When I started Oculus Link. It stack in the three dot. I have no idea cause i had use it yesterday. What can i do? please Help INTEL i7 11thRTX 3060ti

Oliverkan by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 hand tracking while using controllers

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone implemented hand tracking while using controllers in game, like in the oculus menu, you can see the controllers and you can see your hand / fingers moving while performing actions. I can't seem to find anything ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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