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Oculus link cable alternative EU?

Hello,I have been trying to find a suitable alternative to the Oculus link cable for the EU region (Latvia) but I haven't really managed to find anything.Can somebody help out if you bought a cable for EU?Thanks!

MrLatvian by Honored Guest
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Oculus Link problems

I have been trying to get link to work for the past 4 days and nothing. I have used 3 different cords and my current one is the Anker type c to usb 3.0 one of the ones recommended by oculus. I have done everything from opting in the beta and out of i...

Video Game Resolution Settings?

Quest has a per eye screen resolution of 1600x1440. When connected to PC via LINK at what resolution should I run the video game? Or does it not matter because of the way the Oculus application encodes the video stream.

Grimmer04 by Honored Guest
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Is it necessary to keep my device ID Private?

Hi There.I recently started creating tutorials online and one of the most annoying parts of editing is removing the device ID from the logs. I've been doing it but just found out I missed an area where it's being shown. I'm actually curious if I need...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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So i brought Journey of the Gods a few weeks ago and i tested it out for around 30-40 mins before i realized that i don't really enjoy the game and that i found it quite boring. However, i couldn't refund it due to me needed to use the oculus app on ...

Highfuse1 by Honored Guest
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Hey all. I've made sure I have my quest updated to 11 & the Oculus Software is currently at 12.0. My question is... I am trying to launch the link beta from the headset and I keep getting this on my desktop "A Quest software update is required for Oc...

Quest link - 0% headroom in DeoVr

Hi all - have a question.... as soon as I launch DeoVR the headroom drops to 50%, when I play a video it drops to nearly zero. I'm trying to play 5k and 6k videos, which definitely worked before no probs. This is only since the last updated (v13).Is ...

ripkord by Honored Guest
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Non Game Sites

Hi this is my first post looking for help, i purchased the Oculus Quest to travel the world hopping to view vr ancient buildings and historic sites, unfortunately i am not finding any, i have tried Cyark and some sites but non seem to have vr, can an...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Looking for potential Facebook Horizon modders.

Hi there! I go by the name of Bloxen in a game called Minecraft. I have dedicated the past 8 years of my life to the game, and have slowly built a name for myself within the Minecraft community as a professional architect. I am currently the original...

Bloxen by Honored Guest
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Floor calibration resets randomly

When playing a game (Quest + Link), sometimes I suddenly see the black screen with 3 dots for a few seconds and then I'm back in the game with the ground in my face.And I have to reset Guardian and reload the game for it to detect the floor position ...

Recording w/ Audio

I am thinking about starting up a YouTube channel to start uploading VR content. All I have is a Quest. Is there a way that I am able to record Video with Audio included?

Video not working with Link

Hello,I have Oculus Quest Link set up, it asks if I would like to use the Link (beta ) in in the headset and I click accept but will not display anything except for the 3 loading dots. The sound works fine, if I play a video it will have sound come f...

Restore to Factory

I am wondering, does anyone know if restoring to factory also put the device back to default firmware ?Or does it just wipe the drive, and settings and the device remains on the last installed firmware ?

Umpa_PC by Rising Star
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(SOLVED) Home environments issue

so i am sure most of you have the home environments feature in the settings right?well i don't the tab is not there and when i go into sidequest and search for the environments in there, it isnt there either?does anyone have a fix for this as i have ...

Oculus link won't load fully, any Ideas?

I have used oculus link on this quest and pc before without any issues but for some reason after I updated to v13.0 it hasn't worked properly since. I am not in the public test channel on the oculus pc app. When I launch Oculus Link I am able to hear...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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