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Workrooms Cast

Hi, I would like to do VR environment sharing for the web of the oculus quest 2 VR environment in workrooms. But the sharing I want to do is not of what I'm looking at, but of myself, i.e. my workrooms avatar. Like I'm participating in a meeting of T...

pronksc by Honored Guest
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Can anyone help? We bought an Oculus Quest 2 back in June and it was having an issue so we sent it in to get a replacement. All the directions said was to return your product in the original box which I did. They quickly responded and said a replacem...

TheMiner4 by Honored Guest
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I can't buy apps from the oculus store

Hi everyone! I bought the quest 2 one month ago, and last week I tried to buy a game.But it didn't work.I tried 3 credit cards, 2 smartphones, 3 browsers, the oculus app, and from the quest 2.Always the same result :- from the app when I click on the...


5 digit code

I upgraded to a new phone and when I went to my oculus app I had to pair my headset up again and it asked for the code for it . Where do I look to find it again.

aj.rappe by Honored Guest
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Headset Touching Nose

Spoiler (Highlight to read)I've had my quest 2 for awhile now and there is one extremely annoying problem with it. The inside nose gap area keeps touching my nose. It's not constantly on it, but will bump it every so often.It's driving me absolutely ...

Glasses too big

Hello was thinking about getting an oculus quest 2 but I see that it recommends that the height be under 50 . My question is would my height 53 glasses cause problems (I know it’s higher than the recommended but not by much) ?

Dalifano by Honored Guest
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Resolved! How about a magnetic link cable?

OK, Anker! I bought your charging dock, but I would like to use that port for other things, such as plugging an Anker Power Bank in there when I'm away from my dock.How about a cable that could use that port for charging, and....maybe..... use it for...

Oculus Link Audio Crackling and crashing

I have recently received a refurbished quest 1 from the oculus as my other one got the back screen. I am trying to use the oculus link but am having issues, in any steam VR games the audio crackles, it does not occur in Oculus store games. Oculus lin...

GoldRadio by Honored Guest
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Hello All I have a "high end" computer (see specs below), I am an avid Flight Simmer with DCS World. I recently purchased the Oculus Quest 2.0 and love it. However, I am only recieving 1.9 to 2.0 GPS when testing my cable. I am using the recommended ...

lharv71 by Honored Guest
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Request for info on DEEP

Reference my inquiry where to find 'game' DEEP... Got a nice response from the developer and it might be available before the New Year. Then I researched purchasing an Oculus Quest 2 and discovered that my Apple Desktop is really not compatible with ...

Apple tv stopped working

Ok i really enjoy watching Amazon and apple tv on the quest. the large screen does amazing justice to most programs.however apple TV stopped working with the latest updateit worked before and yes I've tried deleting apple account, browser history etc...

Paint Brush

Hola a todos, mi problema es que tenia una maravillosa aplicación para simular que uno esta pintando en un lienzo, con paleta de colores y pinceles. Resulta que esta app desapareció y no la he podido encontrar gratis o de pago. Si alguien sabe como r...

air link

Hello I have a problem. I just wanted to play on quest 2, by using air link and, it shows me that, my computer is bad. But I have the best procesor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3720QM CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.60 GHz. I want to play but I can't please help me.

Virtual Rabbids

Hello,We are newbies to VR so I apologise if this has been asked before. My daughter would love to use our Quest 2 to play a game she likes called Virtual Rabbids. Looking online it seems this is an arcade/amusement park ride, and not VR specific. Th...

Bug blade and sorcery Nomad

Bonjour, j’écris sur ce forum car lorsque je lance ce jeu récemment acheté, le jeu ne se lance pas. Le casque reste sur l’écran noir de lancement avec les trois points qui clignotent.j’ai cherché si d’autres avaient eu ce bug mais je n’ai rien trouvé...

Remove the red grid in stationary guardian

During the recent update, that annoying red grid wall came back. I’ve had it gone (stationary guardian, blue ring on floor only) for months. I can’t remember (because I did it so long ago) how to remove it. I have a large enough area to play and just...

My new battery strap

  This is a new battery strap I bought from aliexpress. I'm Satisfied. The price is reasonable, the battery charge is good, and the battery cell is replaceable. It looks like it will be easier to play for a while.

B5AC5597-70C1-4985-97FD-13E32A76A1AA.jpeg 91888A97-5B66-43C3-9F6C-F64DC1D2419C.jpeg