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Sleeps mode every 30mins

Hopefully someone can help, my Quest goes into sleep mode every 30mins while I'm using it, having to touch the power button to wake it.Changing the Headset Auto-sleep has no effect.Any ideas anyone?TIA

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Link USB 3.0

Hi,My motherboard only has USB3.0 ports. I’ve seen a lot saying you need USB3.1 Gen1 for Oculus Link to work, however reading the pc requirements on the support website (https://support.oculus.com/444256562873335/) it says only 3.0 is required. Can a...

Resolved! Link Cable

The link cable from Oculus is £89 this seems expensive. There are similar cables on Amazon for much less. So is the link cable all that is required, or does it come with some kind of software or code to enable it. Or is the Oculus cable special in so...

Umpa_PC by Level 8
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My order got canceled

I ordered my oculus quest a couple of weeks ago and I've been waiting for February so it would ship but out of nowhere, my order got canceled. Does anyone know why it happened?

Cant add payment method POSSIBLY SOLVED!

I know this won't be ideal for everyone...step 1: On my Quest, I reset to factory settings with these directions:A. turned off headsetB. held the power and volume(-) button down simultaneously until boot screen in headset appearsC. navigated to facto...

Why is the Oculus Quest SO AWESOME?!

I got the Oculus Quest for Christmas and it has been AWESOME! i just wanted to say on here, if you can spare the money and you want the Oculus Quest, GET IT! You will have an awesome time. Just don't play it in cars unless you have tracking off. Then...

Oculus Link & eGPU

Hi there, longtime DK2, Rift and Quest owner here. I recently got a new Blade Stealth ultrabook with the Razer Core eGPU housing. I was hoping to work out the best way I can run Quest over link using a GPU. I have yet to buy a GPU and want to make su...

edinky by Level 4
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Recordings including sound & voice

We´ll be using social apps in Quest for educational purposes and we need to record the interaction for research. The recording option in quest only allows for visual and sound recording and not voice. We need both. Is there a way to solve this? Is th...

krisjo by Level 2
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Film 3d pour skybox

Ou puis je trouver des film 3d de bonne qualité et legale que je puisse coller sur L apps skybox de mon ordi afin de lire sur mon Oculus quest g également des blue ray 3d puis je m'en servir ou nom? Merci beaucoup pour vos aides.

Oculus Quest selectstart/selectend events

Hey, Im trying to move objs around in 3d space. Now if I listen to selectstart and selectend events and console log them, following is thrown:onClick (and hold)->selectstart->selectend->selectstartonRelease->selectendAs you can see, when I click the ...

Fluqz by Level 2
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I recently purchased a quest on the 10th of January, and it says it’ll be shipped by the 25th of February. Now it says “by” does that mean i can expect it sooner? And what about the process takes so long for it to arrive? Just curious thoughts, very ...

Oculus link how to fix it

I have a great idea how to fix oculus link if u uninstall oculus rift program from your computer and reinstall it and out your information in it and your oculus name and password and connect your oculus link cord to your headset and load up the progr...

Oculus and Link updates.

I am trying to pair my Oculus Quest with my PC and keep getting a notification that a Quest software update is needed and to use my headset and go to the settings/about to update it. When I get to that menu item, it states that the software is up to ...

Guardian system is not working

Hello, i cant change boundaries in my guardian system. I was trying delete boundaries gistory, but now i see black screen, my controllers and can hear sound like in menu where i can set boundaries. Reboot devise was not helped.


Bonjour à tous,la fiche de ce jeu mentionne qu'il est en plusieurs langues dont le Français. l'un d'entre vous peut il m'expliquer comment sélectionner la langue, en ce qui me concerne le FRANCAIS. Merci pour vos réponses.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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