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Run localhost on Oculus Browser.

Hey, Im working on a webxr project with Threejs r112 and Angular7 using the Oculus Quest. Is it somehow possible to run a local server on my iMac and access it on my Oculus Browser? Im already debugging with a cable, but its a really slow development...

Fluqz by Level 2
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Debug tool with Quest Link not working?

so i tried the debug tool - changing pixel density and going for the supersampling .... and i did the performance overlay... nope. nothing. when i'm in the HOME and i tried some games... no overlay comes up and also no change in settings. i've tried ...

Right Controller Not Working

I just got my Oculus Quest yesterday but have had a big issue getting my right controller connected. The left controller was able to update its firmware and be seen and used in the VR space however the right controller is not. When the firmware updat...

Enterprise license required for streaming?

Hi!Now that Oculus has come out with their Oculus Quest (and GO) Business versions with their new Enterprise Licenses, is streaming games on platform such as Twitch for monetary gain against Agreements now?Am I required to upgrade my system for Busin...

Changing from CV1 to Quest

I've had a CV1 since year 1, but now my wife is buying me a Quest for my Birthday next week (she has always complained since day 1 that why would anyone release something like this that's tethered, everything should be wireless these days! Lol).So, I...

Navigate functions gone

After setting up oculus link today for my quest, which works awesome by the way, all the navigate functions (home, library, store and search are no longer appearing when the Link cable provided by Oculus is not connected. The only thing I find out of...

Oculus Link: USB C to A adapter?

I've just received the Official Oculus Link cable. It is a USB C-to-C cable.However, like many people my desktop PC only has USB A ports. So I need a simple USB C-to-A adapter like the one below. However when I try one the Oculus Link cable doesn't w...

Rifle stocks for the quest?

So ive been looking at various stocks for the quest, ranging from various cheap ones to the magtube. Im hesitant with the magtube since it comes out of france. I dont mind paying for quality if its going to be something useful. Anyone have any experi...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Steam VR Support

Will There Ever Be A Time Were The Oculus Quest And Other Oculus Models Connect to Steam And Play Steam VR Games? It Would Be Nice To Have That Added! Mostly Everyone In The Community Of Oculus Wants This Added.

RyCha by Level 2
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No audio throught oculus link

Same issue as other users, tried the basics :smile: -unplug/replug-plug in a different usb3-uninstall/reinstall drivers-update driversbut still no audio, the oculus virtual audio device is selected as the audio device.

How well doe Oculus Link work?

So I recently was looking into getting a PCVR headset, after much deliberating with the often confusing differences between the mainstream choices, I decided to go with the Oculus Quest as the idea that not every game would require me to be plugged i...

black screen

my headset shows battery life at ? percent then within a couple of seconds the screen turns black. it's been black for a few days and this quest is brand new , can someone please tell me how to fix this?

Oculus Link ready apps and games

Hello Quest Owners, I'm Considering buying a Quest and I am eager to know what apps or games originally intended for the Rift, are working flawlessly on the Link, or if they have flaws, what type of flaws were encountered.Please add any apps or games...