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Oculus Quest Crackling Audio

Crackling/blown out sounding audio when very loud/bassy sounds happen, all games, videos too. It's not the speakers, it's the audio driver, as this happens when I plug in headphones as well. Happens with and without Oculus link. Any fixes? Is Oculus ...


I am having issues adding a debit card/credit card. Keeps saying payment error. Anyone know how to solve this problem?

Green Screen before and after factory reset

This morning I went to home screen and tracking stopped working so I restarted the headset and now I have a green screen. I did a factory reset and still have a green screen. I can hear music playing. Just got this new for Christmas. Any ideas on the...

Oculus Link Doesnt Work

I'm trying to use the oculus link with the oculus quest and I have had no problems connecting before but after this most recent update, I cannot use the link. I have opted out of PTC already, I opted out even before update 12.0 came out. All of my US...

Oculus Quest Ship Date

Hello I’m not sure how long it takes to ship the oculus quest I recently bought it and I’m wondering when I’m gonna receive it so I don’t have towait for two months for it. It says “Ships by February 21st” I hope that means the latest date because I ...

Oculus Quest Oculus Link Feature Question

I haven't yet purchased a Quest or Rift S because I'm stuck unable to find info. What I'm looking to find out is if the Oculus Quest will support the ability for the Graphics Card to Render out Scenes or process everything.Something such as what the ...

Downloading Apps and Games

I purchased a Quest but haven't received it yet. My question is can I purchase apps and games now or do I have to wait until I get the Quest. Also, can I download to my computer and if so will it also show on my phone app?

Resolved! Library between Quest and Oculus Link

I have purchased some games that are supported in both Quest and using Oculus Link. The question I have is if I purchase them via the quest store (the store when I have my head set on) shouldn't I be able to download them on my PC to play with Link. ...

Introducing the Family to Quest

My household is a brand new Oculus Quest household. It arrived over the weekend. It's to be a present from Santa to the household, but Santa has been test-driving it. I'm a complete newbie. I searched the forum, but I haven't found an answer, so here...

Oculus Quest Gallery + Google Photos

I wish I could view my 360 videos that I have uploaded to Google photos in the Oculus Gallery app. It should work, but it does not. The Oculus Quest Gallery app allows you to link to Google Photos. This works fine, both pics and videos stream - excep...

lzn by Level 2
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I was trying to buy beat saber And when i hit the get button it said can’t calculate tax check billin and shipping address and I can’t find it so does anyone now where it is

Resolved! My Oculus quest was lost....

Lost my quest. I reset my FB password and my Oculus pin. I also added two step verification. I logged out of all session/devices via the account settings. Will this log out the device and prevent someone from purchasing or taking control of my accoun...

spausm1 by Level 2
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Poor Hand Tracking.

Is it just me? My hand tracking is very very poor. The hands are shaking and trembling all the time. I mean really shaking. The dot (made by the tracking) "clicks" by it self and I am totally unable to do the "reset position" thing with left hand Thu...

danorum by Level 3
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Will not pair with phone. WHY?

I just got an oculus quest for Christmas and i cant even get past the first step which is to pair the quest. i have entered the correct code i have sent an email, tried different phones, reset everything, factory resent the quest. Someone please help...

How do I get credit back?

I bought 8 titles for my new Quest. Most I have not even opened yet (let alone no 2 hours on any) and it's under 14 days and I see a major SALE going on.How do I get credit for these titles? Seems illogical to REFUND all then rebuy (especially what i...

Rojoy by Level 2
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quest not turning off

while playing vader imortal.the screen went black. except a small red light in the upper right. I hear a buzzing noise coming from the headset.couldnt turn off the headset.found something online abour holding volume down and power at the same time.th...