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How to show Oculus Quest at PC (No Wifi)

Hey,Is there a way to show what happens at the Oculus Quest on a PC? Because im gonna meet with some people but we don't have wifi and its boring if the other people dont see what happens.I also have a 5m 3.0 Cable and the Anker Powerline Cable, Ocul...

New Headset, game Transfer?

Hi folksI bought some games for my quest. If i change the quest Headset will the games be on this New one....? Are the games bound to the oculus Account or to t Hr e Headset? Greets

Games won't update

My games that have updates like swords or beat saber won't update or even say there are updates for the games I go to updates and it says that y Library is up to date what do I do?

Apps not updating

Anyone having any issues with the headset updating apps? It tells me that there are no updates available when there are. I had to delete a couple apps then redownload from the store to get the latest version.


I ordered an Oculus Quest on December 10th for Christmas and it says that it should arrive by January 2nd. Does anyone know if they ever tend to arrive before then? I still have not received any tracking info as well.

Multiple problems i encountered

1. I'm using Oculus Link and if i come close to the guardian wall in any game and do some squats i can see that guardian zone is bouncing on the game's floor. It is problem of latency i think, that's pretty obvious. I checked the same thing on my CV1...

grove21 by Level 4
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Missing Game in Library

I saw an old thread on this from Feb but nothing recently. I purchased a game, played it a few times and now it isn't available in my library. Other games are there (I have only bought one so far). Anyone else seeing this?

bluetooth/code help!!!!!!!!!!!!

just received this for my today, i am trying to set it up from the app, its telling me to enable bluetooth, when i do i get no choices on my phone to choose and when i looked through the help section on line its telling me to make sure i entered the ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Link Graphics Card Support

Hi there,I'm looking through the list of graphics card supported for the Oculus link, and saw that the GTX 1060 is separated into desktop and mobile versions. I have a laptop with the graphics card GTX 1060 Ti - does this fall under the mobile versio...

Casting to phone AND tv at same time with 12

Now 12 has options to control the in-game user experience from your phone ( start game, resenter ect ) it would be great to have the ability to cast to a TV for everyone watching while at the same time be able to cast and control from your phone. or ...

comfort mods?

I know this is a rabbit hole with lots of options on what you can do with your quest, but since the quest has been out for a while now what has been established that offers the best comfort?