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Where’s my Invoice

It’s ridiculous that I can’t get any help! I placed an order for the Oculus Quest for my daughter for Christmas on your website and I never got an invoice. Received an email with an order number but not an invoice. The support page was absolutely no ...

link now with 8m length

hi folks,just posting this if it helps anyone else out,ive now got link working flawlessly with 8 meters length ! got the 3m cable joined to 5m extension and these are the cables im using and im in the uk https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B073J9272...

hand controls tutorial

Hi guys,I'm new to Oculus Quest or any type of VR games in general.I can't seem to find a tutorial to help me get my head around the hand controls.Any links would be awesome.Thank you.

Nvidia Virtuallink and Oculus Link?

Has anyone tried the USB-C port from an Nvidia RTX with the Quest?The oculus app displays my Quest as connected, but the port seems to be wrong, connecting it to other USB3 ports also result in the problem during the setup...Anyone tried to get it wo...

Initial Impressions on the Hand Tracking

Ok so my Quest got updated to Version 12 late yesterday evening, and have had a chance to play around some with the hand tracking this morning. My initial thoughts: First this is very early in the tech for Oculus, in fact it falls under the "Experime...

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play oculus go apps on quest

Good morning, I bought oculus quest and I want to open the go apps, I saw a tutorial but I can't select the device in the library. I don't have the possibility to choose device. (missing the written oculus quest)I installed software version 12.what s...

Unable to make Oculus link work

Hi guys, I am new to this VR world with the quest and bought the recommended cable to play Rift games. I have an I7 8th gen 16 gb ram with the GTX 1060 and 1t ssd. I downloaded the updated version of the oculus home and using a 3,1 USB. When opening ...

Oculus Link audio

When I fire up Oculus link it’s working fine except one thing. Audio comes through from both the headset AND my PC even though I have it set for headset only. I have to mute the PC when playing. Anyone else getting this and knows of a fix? Thanks

Extension Cable Not Compatible?

I recently bought an extension cable for my OL, as my original USB-Male 3.0 to USB-C is only 6 ft long. The extension cord is 10 feet long and when plugged in to the original cable and my pc, it says it's a 2.0 cable. I have verified the fact it is 3...

Press a volume key to click menu button?

I’m sure we’ve all seen this come up on the Quest sometimes.It asks “controller not working?” & suggests using the volume button to select.I’ve tried pressing the volume button when I’ve seen this message but nothing happens.Does it work for anyone?

Lens cloth

Anyone recomend a cloth for the quest lens , a cloth cmae wit hmy rift but i couldnt see one in my new rift package .

link has stopped working-tracking lost

HI my just as i enabled the link -quest just said tracking is lost guardian is being turned off - ever since that my screen has been black whenever i enable the linkhave restarted both the quest and computer its linked to - still same problem- i can ...

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In stock?

Tried to find the Quest, only place was Amazon for 699$ and up. Oculus website said order would ship by 12/31, so obviously not in time for Christmas. Anyone have any info on when it will be in stock either online or in stores? Thank you

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Oculus Link and NVIDIA ShadowPlay

I did already expect Oculus Link would make use of NVIDIA's hardware encoder.But I didn't expect it to use it so heavy, that I'm not longer be able to record my footages thats shown on the PC screen.As soon I start the recording with Alt+F9 I get the...

Really only one account per quest device

I have placed an order for the quest and now looks like I’ll be returning it before even opening it. I was to be a Christmas present for the family but if we can’t each have an account it’s pointless as the teenager will just get pissed when someone ...

A file system

Is it possible oculus can have a file app or something somewhere you can click on with the oculus to go to find your recordings and stuff insted of using any special wires and going through all that effort for a video if there is any possibility you ...