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Steam vr on Quest

Hi all.I have been playing games on my quest via the link cable to my pc ...and works a treat with oculus rift games.Now how do you play steam vr games on it as want to play bone works.Any help most appreciatedKarl

Resolved! What is this error code, and how to fix it?

Today when I start up my Quest (only about the 10th time I've used it), as soon as it starts I get the intro "video" (rather than Home). If I quit out of that I get to the Home room, where the console quits after a few seconds and I get the message "...

Live Streaming

I was wondering if its ever possible to make it so we can live stream with other services like twitch youtube mixer etc, And i was wondering why i wasnt able to live stream beatsaber to with the live streaming feature but ye the main thing im kind of...

Video capture

How do I transfer video capture files to my PC? When I plug the headset into my PCs USB port, it doesn't recognize it at all. Is there something I need to enable?

Oculus Link support for GTX 1050 ti?

I have an Oculus Quest and was beyond excited when Oculus Link was announced at Connect 6. However, my GTX 1050 ti is not under the support section. I do not know if Oculus Link is not working because of my graphics card or just my Usb C cable. Does ...

Oculus Quest can't launch anything

Hi all,I just bought a Quest and it worked fine few minutes. Then i changed the language setup (from US to FR). It told me to reboot and so i did. After the reboot, it started the tutorial ! If i quit the tutorial with menu button, it show an error '...

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Charging battery

Do i have to let my quest nearly run flat then fully recharge for the next session ? or do i keep part charging it say it was on 35% after my l;ast session would i put it back on charge or does it need to run down because of a possible memory issue ?

Oculus Quest as Oculus Go

Hello, Is it possible to use an Oculus Quest as an Oculus Go : to play but also to see VR movies or 3D movies through Youtube for instance ? Or do I need the Oculus Quest to play and the Oculus Go for VR movies ? Thank you.

Fan in Oculus Quest adds to presence!

The fan inside the Oculus Quest really adds to the presence. Just having that small amount of air pushed into the headset is really amazing. It makes the environment I'm playing in seem much more realistic. This is something the developers should add...

Is vr starting to go mainstream??

Hey guys I'm starting to see and feel vr might be finally taking off after all this time with quest leading the charge. For so many years seemed a niche product that most people never tried and now Im seeing it sell out like crazy for the holiday sea...

Mono earbuds

I bought 2 of these for my quest after a good review on you tube Earbuds ETHiX Mr Steele FPV drone earbuds How do i make them stereo like he said he did on the video or would they be ok ? He mentions something about shrink wrap?

Sd card

I been thinking getting the oculus quest. One thing wrong about it is there no sd card slot version yet. Is the Oculus Quest dev team working on a version like that? Over all the Quest seems to be the best vr set there is plus no sensors needed or no...