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minor glitch when setting up guardian

I just noticed a minor glitch when setting up the guardian.Objects that are further away shall of course be behind objects that are closer. But during the guardian set-up the left controller text (L) is always rendered on top. This means that if L is...

Trouble with Netflix being interrupted

when watching Netflix I keep having an issue where the lights keep coming back on in the virtual room and the stream gets interrupted. Like, the video gets stopped for a second but the audio keeps playing so that they get out of sync with each other....

Focus sweet spot problem

Is there any one else that has a slightly focus sweet spot problem, the IP adjustment does not take into account that each of my eyes are not the exact distance from my nose, so one eye will be spot on but the other will be slightly out

gism0e by Level 3
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Quest - Medium, Quill, Steam

I had planned on buying a Rift S & I have VR games on Steam.....with the link cable will I be able to play those games with a Quest?I really want to use Medium, Quill & Gravity Sketch....are all of these also available with the link cable? If all the...


Is there likely to be any difference between a USB-C built into a graphics card and a USB-C PCIe card expansion slot in the context of Oculus Link for Quest? My GPU does not have a USB-C slot, although I noticed that some new ones do, so my questions...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Did Oculus stop supporting Chromecast?

Did oculus recently stop supporting chromecast as a casting option? Recently my chromecasts have been removed from the oculus app on my phone. The only option is to cast to the phone. I have the latest chromecast models and they are connected to the ...

Graphics Stutter.

0k, I'm desperately hoping some of you more experienced VR users can help me out here. So, I first bought a quest around 8 weeks ago. It's the first VR I've ever owned and I was completely blown away. Couldn't believe the immersion and how well every...

recent Quest issue with develop mode

HiI got trouble with one of my Quest to be used in an exhibition coming up very soon. This specific unit was purchased just last week, a few weeks after other units, which work fine.I think the unit does not properly switch into developer mode. Appli...

feeLab by Level 2
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Quest accessories

Hey all. Just switched from rift to quest so going through all the same things like...what is the best face guard that is more padded and comfortable than standard one? links please. Im also a little pee'd off that a lot of the games I spent big mone...

Quest content too limited?

I understand oculus wants to curate the games available for Quest, but I'm starting to feel like someone who bought a shiny new rig then finds out it only plays mac games. Where are the standout VR titles for Quest? It seems like every other platform...

Side effects

Ok I’ve had my quest now for 5 days now and experiencing side effects from day 3 so thought I’d set this up and see if anyone else has experienced any side effects. . Day 5 Everything I look at outside of VR seems to have added depth and my head and ...

Quest controller tracking sleep mode

I have noticed that the Oculus Quest controllers' position doesn't get updated properly when the controllers are moved very slowly and steadily without changing the rotation or pressing any button. As soon as the rotation changes slightly or a button...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Files aren't working

I recorded a video on a song on beat saber on my oculus quest, it worked fine when i watched the video in the quest headset but when i plugged it to my computer and looked in the files it didn't work. it shows me files and the files are different siz...

bagust by Level 2
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Quest does not show library or store.

Hi. I am in possession of an Oculus Quest and wanted to buy a new game for some time now. I had to create a password because I forgot my pin and now my quest is useless. I'm not ready to reset the quest to factory settings as it seems that all scores...

Skovor by Level 2
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Black Screen Will not boot up

Finished playing VR Fishing and as I went back to the home screen my headset went black and it tried to re-boot but now all i get is a black screen, anyone else have this or know howto fix it please?

Play Together

I recently bought two Oculus Quest devices. Is there any chance to play the games in the same space together, without buying any content twice?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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