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Oculus Quest used and association account

hello, I bought an Oculus Quest with an already associated account and 5 games.how should I pair the headset with my Oculus account without resetting it and losing the games purchased by the former owner?thanks in advance

JyLy by Level 2
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Finally - COMFORT!!! on the Quest

If you dig down far enough, you will find this info but I hope it gets pinned to the top here for a long time. This actually works and makes the Quest fit like it should.I am writing this under my son's account. He has some really sophisticated VR se...

can i link accounts

Hi i was wondering if i could link my oculus account to my steam account for recroom. i would like to play with my friends but i only have them added on my quest.thanks

Was never able to use Quest

I bought the Quest and was syked to get it. I opened an account on the same day the 12th of this month. I added 2 payment cards. 2 days later on the 14th it showed up. I went through the setup, went through the cool intro with the table and the danci...

Oculus quest headphones left and right matter?

got the oculus official headphones for quest. They work great sound great. Do they have a specific left and right headphone? Does it matter which one goes in which ear? I saw no marking on them but just realized that when I was playing the free fishi...

kencfii by Level 2
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Fear and Loading...

I recently purchased the Quest. I charged it, synced it, followed all the instructions, but my Quest gets stuck on the three white loading dots screen. I have yet to make it to the home screen and been fooling with it for over an hour. I restarted it...

Quest Guardian advanced settings

So after the update we're able to alter the guardian settings (simple/advanced). Does anyobody notice any difference between setting the sliders from down low, to sky high? Are the changes suppossed to be effective instantly? Do I need to restart the...

Optimizing Unity Showroom or .fbx 3D Models

I'm trying to build a showroom for my .fbx 3D models with Unity.My problem is that my files are way too big. I have almost no problem putting 18x 10MB 3D Files into my VR-Room but with 2x 50MB Files it gets shaky and laggy.Furthermore I have models w...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Charging of Quest headset

Hi, we've just taken delivery of a new Quest system and I've just set it up. The three pronged charging adapter which came with the headset , however, doesn't appear as though it will plug into any sort of household power socket that I've ever seen h...

Reverse mirroring onto Quest

I work in Architecture and recently purchased the Oculus Quest for design presentations. I am currently using HTC Vive with Fuzor to do our presenting in VR. Since the Oculus Quest is so easy to use and portable, I would love to use it for my design ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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VR Cover for Quest now available to order

VR Cover has their Quest replacement facial interface available! Here's the link.Those of us who've used their pu leather face gasket on the Rift know how much nicer these are than the default foam, especially once you start working up a sweat in act...

nalex66 by Volunteer Moderator
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Oculus quest order

Hello, I am going to order Oculus Quest, but I want to order it from Amazon US, but I am wondering, if I can use different plug type, or is it unconnectable from charging wire?


my quest will cast to my phone but not to my TV that has a external chromecast receiver any suggestions

Disabling Guardian?

Anyone know how? I set the Quest up in Developer Mode on my Oculus phone app, but do not see any options for turning it off completely. I know there is that guy playing in an entire park field. I am trying to use an empty gymnasium. Guardian allows b...

InfinitR by Level 4
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Hello I'm the father of a child that been wanting the Oculus quest for some time and his birthday is on 26th august but how long does the shipping take? (I live in Sweden)