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my apps arent showing in the library. only settings and files. if i try going thru the store it gives me an error message of something went wrong.

Oculus refferal

when I referred my friend and waited 30 days after they excepted the link, a notification appeared in the oculus quest app saying I had received the $30 in store credit. When I put on the headset to buy a game, nothing came up about the $30 store cre...

Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 Question

Hello, have a question for the group. My son has an Oculus Quest that he uses, and my younger son wants one for Christmas. I don't want him to have a FB account (my older son uses mine), but wondering how to do this? Can I use the same account on bot...

quest 2 problems

two problems:1 my guardian won't go to the floor and lifts up as I do. Following settings doesn't help 2 left sound is corrupted, sounds sort of like static. I've restarted the headset a few times already.

Low volume in Beat Saber?

This is in reference to the built in speakers on a Quest 2. The volume operates normally for store preview videos (to the point of being too loud if turned up enough) then once in game the volume drops. Cranking it to max only brings it to what I wou...

Oculus TV, BUG - v34

Playing a stereo360 vídeo from the local storage doesn't show the video, instead you see the home enviroment. You can see the video is playing in the background around the edges of the UI, but with the Home enviroment overlapped on top. If you sleep ...

Being forced to link facebook account

The night before last, I was enjoying a game of Star Trek Bridge Crew with a new acquaintance. We got along well and decided to add each other as friends. I went to add my new friend, as I had many times before, but found myself confronted by a messa...

Resolved! quest 2 casting is a joke

how hard is it for a multibillion dollar company to make stuff work and be stable? i've seen indie devs do a better job and modders, there is always something broken or so low quality i would rather use a google carboard than an oculus at this rate

Earbuds dont work

So last night I dropped my headset, thinking it was ok i tried to play it. I put my earbuds in an suddenly they didn’t work. Does anyone know how to fix it at home?

Oculus quest died, won't turn on

Hiya. My partners oculus quest stopped working all of the sudden. Won't charge, won't give any light etc. We've tried resetting, rebooting, charging, different wires but it's totally dead. Holding power button won't work and also power button with vo...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus app isn’t connecting to wifi

So I’ve been trying to cast to my phone on my app recently, and for some reason my app says that neither my oculus or phone are connected to the internet. I double checked and found that both of them were connected to the same wifi... can someone giv...

EGOEli by Level 2
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Hopelessly lost!

Got a new Quest 2 and have no clue how to get VR content to play at all. I've gotten to the default environment, but loading the content is a mystery. Hasn't there been a substantial book written with step-by-step help? Thanks, been flailing for many...

120 hz missing

Quest 2, current version v33 but still missing for 120 HZAnd yes, i tried reset settings/ change language to english/tons of restarts.... When it will be available????

KAPACb by Level 2
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SteamVR not showing up in Oculus Link library.

So, I'm hitting a brick wall here. Got a cable to run Link, got Oculus software installed, got Steam and SteamVR installed, hooked up my Quest 2, denied accessing data, allowed it to use Link, aaaannnnnddddd...... Only thing showing in my library is ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Can't activate developer mode on mobile

I did all the prior steps to activate developer mode but there's a problem, when I go to activate developer mode on my mobile app it says in the Developer Mode section: "To enable developer mode, join or create an organisation, and then verify your a...