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Blue Led lights blinking in Standby

Does anyone know what the color LED lights in standby mean? My headset while charging the led light blinks blue. I looked at what the support site says the color led mean and I do not see what this means. Also at one point the other day it started bl...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Quest games for one hand?

Specifically the left hand. My sister loves the Quest, but has limited mobility. She loves Poker, Bogo, and Robo Recall. She's not a fan of Job Simulator. She digs the music and aesthetic of Beat Saber, but no one hand mode on the Quest(?).Can she pl...

Turn off button in Oculus Home

I normally turn off the Quest entirely when not using it. I think a cold restart cannot harm anyways, and it starts up so quickly, so no problem. I have to press the button long and then use "turn off" in the soft menu, or I have to press it even lon...

useri7 by Level 4
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Network speedtest causes tracking loss

Today I wondered if the wifi connection to my quest had a high enough bandwidth. So I started the browser to do a speedtest. This caused the Quest to loose tracking (visible but also with a notification stating it) and threw me back to the home scree...

Audio not casting to iPhone?

I'm casting from my Quest to an iPhone, and it doesn't seem like sound is being broadcast along with the video. (Yes, the mute switch is off and the volume is up :)) Has anyone gotten audio to work with casting on iOS?

Can't add credit card (AMEX)

Is there a problem with the store currently? I just used this card at a store so it's working fine. No purchases were working so I removed the card and now it cannot even be re-added... Just says try again later. EDIT: Just tried to add a VISA card, ...

Minecraft VR

I was wondering if Oculus was ever going to release Minecraft VR? I really want to play it and I wouldn't mind paying full price if I hade to.Thanks for reading. Oculus if you see this please make it happen XD lol love the quest BTW.

Resolved! Games Saves

Hi all,Sorry if this has been asked before but could someone tell me how I delete game saves on my Oculus Quest please? I'm lending it to a friend and want them to start Super Hot from scratch. Many thanks for any help given :smile:

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Cheap Oculus Quest comfort upgrade

For me at least the Quest has not been the most comfortable wear, putting to much pressure at the back of the head. But then I remembered having gotten a padding upgrade for one of my headphones some time ago. And it is a good fit for the Quest! Make...

jab by Level 8
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