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Bug in VR Karts ?!?

Bug in vr karts. I am not able to go further than the command explanation screen in the trailer screen. I can not select with the pointer for options or start a race. Do you have the same problem? and what to do?

New with Oculus Quest

I have an Oculus GO and I just go Oculus Quest. Setting it up tonight. I see a lot of the same app games from GO in the Quest store. If I already own them on GO...will they show up on my Quest?

espike1 by Level 2
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I believe VR can be an amazing experience. Both game wise and education. I bought a rift but returned when I found out about the Quest, Got the Quest on launch day and was disappoint in the amount and variety of games and experiences. Are new things ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Oculus Quest In-Ear Headphones

Got my In-Ear headphones for the Quest today and they are super comfortable, much like the ones for the CV1. Having an issue though where positional audio is only playing via the left side. I get sound out of the right but it is no way in relation as...

xeno3d by Level 6
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Cross buy woes

So, I got trolled, hard, by my own expectations. And Oculus, but mostly my extreme (lack of) attention span while reading what would have been a solid 6/10 pure spam. Maybe 8/10.Anyhow, I received an email, an automated advertisement basically, from ...

Apps for watching Movies

I had Pegasus Media Player on my Oculus Go and really liked it but I can not find it for my Oculus Quest. Oculus can you tell me when we will be able to either transfer it from the go or purchase it for the Quest. It really comes in handy for watchin...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Multiple devices/sites

Hi - just wondering how anyone out there that has multiple buildings/using multiple Quest devices, manage the accounts? We have 32 buildings in an educational environment. I bought 6 Oculus Quest and started looking at setting them up this morning. D...

Feature request

Can you please add the ability to use wireless headphones and earbuds with Bluetooth? Either through the oculus app or through the headset.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Password reset

Hi there,I have resetted my password. When I open my Oculus Quest, I can't open my library, my homepage, my settings etc. It just keeps hanging at the startscreen with de loading signs. Does anyone know what I can do?Grz Ted

Brand new Quest. Will not start :(

This is the second day of owning my quest. I left the quest overnight to recharge and this morning I switched it on. All fine......... except the library kept saying loading and nothing happening. left if for half an hour still no library. So I tried...

Frankuk by Level 2
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screen outside edges

hi, not sure how to describe this but does anyone notice about a 3mm blur that happens on the outside edges of the screen. its like a perfect square image then onto slight out of focus edge. i notice it more when moving my head from side to side. not...

Returning to Oculus store is a nightmare

Hi everybody;I bought a Oculus Quest from Oculus Store. it's didn't charge didn't start at all from first day. it was delivered on May 20th ,Since than I"m waiting a shipping label. I just a a help tech he told me they send me shipping label but I to...

mirnj by Level 2
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Re-purchasing Oculus Store Games for Quest

Hi all,On Oculus Desktop, I bought Superhot VR along with a number of other titles. When trying to download it on the Quest, it said I had to repurchase it for $24.99. I’m a little angry that I have to re-purchase a game I already bought from Oculus ...