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Resolved! Oculus Link RTX 3080TI recommended resolution

Please anyone kind enough to help me on this. I had an RTX 2080 and a 2700X cpu. Now i have a RTX 3080TI and a 5900X and the oculus software still suggest the same resolution for Oculus link, 72hz and 1X 3616X1840. What is the correct recommended res...

vfragos by Protege
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Hel please!

Hi, in certain games like basketball, poker or even social activities like atlas vr etc, my movement or tracking etc is messed up. Idk how to explain it but when I'm supposed to be able to move freely like left or right front or backwards, my quest 2...


Hello, I was denied my refund for the wand game and the car game and I’m not sure why can someone assist me with this best

HTTYD13 by Honored Guest
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Hi all. I'm a relatively new to VR but I have a lot of computer experience along with traditional PC Gaming. The Hugh Price drop on the Quest 2 enabled me to enter the VR world and it goes without saying made a new convert. VR is extraordinary and th...

Virtual Desktop won't display on Air link

I'm hoping someone can help me. I've set up air link on my Quest 2 but virtual Desktop won't display my laptop screen. If move the controller around the mouse on my laptop will move but inside the headset it's just blank. I can open a Desktop tab wit...

Link cable vs Air Link?

So I've recently discovered that the cable my Quest came with is actually a USB 2 cable, and when using Link, I keep getting notifications that it would work better with a USB 3 cable. I also have a Wi-Fi 6 router that is like 15 feet away with nothi...

Cant buy blades and sorcery nomad

When i try to buy blades and sorcery nomad, it denies my card saying that the game is free, then the oculus website thinks that the game is trying to be bought using no money, ultimatley it says ,, something went wrong during authentication. Please t...

just got new Oculus

just got new oculus, everything is connected, and a go, downloaded a cheap game to see how things go, and for some reason, i cant move my character ! ive tried every button combination possible,, yet, i cant move !! how do i move ??

disdave by Honored Guest
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Oculus Link does not support hand tracking

Hello, I get a notice that Oculus Link does not support hand tracking when I open the sample project of hand tracking (Oculus Integration).I have updated to the latest version both the Oculus Quest and Unity.Anyone can help me? Thanks!P.D: I can use ...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Best laptop for development

Hi all, I'm looking to buy a new laptop to develop the Oculus quest 2 (in unity). I often use very large files that are sometimes hard to render in real-time, so I'm looking for a laptop that will give me the best performance. I would really apprecia...

Oculus button

I was playing a game and the oculus button from my right controller has moved to the left controller now and I cannot get it back to the right handed controller can u help

sycotic01 by Honored Guest
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Downloading Software on to myu pc

So I don't have enough storage on my SSD so I want to move it to my hard drive. I type in the command using windows + r and it says file not found.. Does it have to be fully downloaded on the ssd first for me to download it. If so can I have some sol...

Blades and sorcery

So I bought blades and sorcery yesterday and it won’t load it’s stuck on three dots we did buy it on my brothers account but he does have an oculus quest one while I have the 2. So when I got the game I downloaded it on his account and it won’t load ...

ICANTDOIT by Honored Guest
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Vulkan Video very slow

I have a project with several video files that are played on a screen in game. The videos are 1280x720 H.264 MP4 with stereo sound. I'm using the Unreal engine and everything works perfectly when I build to ES3.1 but when I do a Vulkan build the fram...

Ham1ton by Protege
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Dead pixels I think?

So I noticed the problem a while ago but I could never find any fixes other then replacing it so I just left it he but now it’s started to annoy me. there’s these sort of Yellow pixels in the top right corner of my screen and ion know how to fix it a...


I was was returning my virtual desktop app and it declined the transaction the reason I’m returning it is because I was using it to play a game and it didn’t work and it was telling to do all these steps and they didn’t work so I tried to return it t...

"Software Expansion Day"

Let's get Oculus to host a "Software Expansion Day", where we can buy, at a great discount, games we have purchased on other systems. For example, I own a Quest 2. I own Asgard's Wrath for my Rift. I also own Arizona Sunshine on Steam. On "Software E...

sloggoth by Explorer
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