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Steam games on oculus quest

Hello.Although I have no problem but I have a question.I bought some VR games on steam because it was cheaper there. But if I buy the Oclulus quest, could I play Steam's games there?have there Beat Saber, Job Sim, pavlov VR and Gun Club VR.Please giv...

Costarei by Honored Guest
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Ideal playspace/shape

In the Tested Review, they say you can have a play area of about 15x15 feet and it's limited by area. I wonder if that means you can have a 17 foot diameter circlular guardian area instead (same area as 15x15). Because that would be awesome (if you h...

Lujho by Expert Protege
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6 DoF interaction with static 360 images?

Hey, All... Right now I am happy using my Oculus go with my Ricoh Theta V 360 images. The head tracking is great in the sense that I can look up down and all around to put myself right back in the room where I took the picture in.My question is, with...

Using quest on uneven play area

Do we know if quest tracking can account for uneven surfaces? My garden is maybe 50feet X 25 feet but has a slope of 4 foot over that distance.I imagine this would be a common use case has there been any official chat about whether guardian/tracking ...