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Resolved! Resident Evil 4 Wont Load

I downloaded the game but it will not load. Other games load fine. IO get hit with the RE4 background and 3 loading dots and nothing been standing like an idiot for 3 minutes looking at this and it never loads. I have tried rebooting the headset and ...

milesk182 by Honored Guest
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No developer mode?

I have an oculus quest and the new app just shows ‘advanced settings’ and no developer mode! Also I can’t get it to connect to sidequest. My oculus gives me a message to allow it but doesn’t connect I tried 2 different computers

Wifi Booster ??

So, I get a newly refurbished oculus quest 2 after sending mine to get checked. But, it almost seems like the same one! The os "IS" running better, but still not getting the best video quality . I am wandering if it is my wifi. Does anyone know if a ...

Blade and Sorcery oculus link

I started using oculus link and got blade and sorcery, I opened the new update and the right lens seemed to be black except for the guardian. Once I loaded into the game all I could do was open the book and move the right controller. Anyone else havi...

SavyFN by Honored Guest
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Still no Messenger..

I have had the v25 update for a few weeks now.. and now today downloaded v26. Still absolutely no sign of Messenger integration...... I am getting fed up with the lackluster Party system, and how despite it showing "compatible" games that both suppor...

Scrabble and Spades

I can't believe I have the opportunity to beat the crap out of people in drunken bar fight, but I can't play scrabble or spades. I could sell 5 units TODAY, if I had these games to offer my peer group. Make it so. DF

airlink wont boot up

every time i click launch in the quest 2 for airlink it shows it is loading but then it bring me back to the starting hub, every thing seems to be in line , it just doesn't wan to connect inside the steam hub

Matter42 by Honored Guest
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Developer Mode

Just got Quest2 and merged Facebook account with my Oculus account. The Oculus account already has organization created a long time ago as a dev. I just can't see the developer mode on the Oculus app on mobile at all even after logging in multiple ti...

Video 180 ed 360 issue

Ciao a tutti,I sent my Quest2 in assistant and when I received the new one I was not able to reproduce the video in 180-360 in high resolution on the native browser , or better I can hear only audio without imagines.I update to 33v but nothing is cha...

Stio79 by Honored Guest
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3D 180 shown as 360

Hello,I've uploaded 180 3D video in Oculus Quest, but it is shown as VR video (using default TV app) only on internal screen (in 3D mode). Pressing 3D 180 doesn't give anything, all fullscreen modes work as 360 2D.Also, all old videos, which were pla...

How to get steam vr games to actually have vr?

I'm having a lot of issues having vr games on steam to actually run as vr on my oculus quest 2. I've done what seems like all I can do; I have the oculus app on my desktop, I have steamvr installed, I've connected my headset to my desktop with a USB3...

Panurei by Honored Guest
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oculus link cable not working

I have the oculus link cable it was working fine up until a week ago, it does not connect at all, ive tried everything in restarting, disabling enabling drivers, reinstalling oculus , it does not give power anymore, the usb C on my motherboard works ...

gdubbb21 by Honored Guest
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Losing Tracking

I randomly lose tracking on my quest 2, even in well lit rooms, sitting or standing, even when in not moving. anybody else have this issue?

MousePng by Honored Guest
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Oculus Quest 2 menu appears too far away

Hello, I recently got an Oculus Quest 2 and I've played some games but at some point when I closed "The Room" (puzzle game), the main menu from the entry environment seems too far away. And before you say it, I've tried the old "turn it off, then on ...

Browser and games not loading

I will beat the living daylights out of my octopus quest 2 if it doesn’t load my lads games and internet … it says oooooos something went wrong , cannot load my profile for Facebook and doesn’t display the 5 digit code … basically I’ve ive a pair of ...

MA12LYC by Honored Guest
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Oculus link with cable. (Quest 2) Stuttering

Hello everyone, I mainly use quest with simulators, in particular AMS2.I have:w11i7-10700krtx 2080i connected the quest to the virtual link port, from which i have 2.9 gpbsIn the debug tool i cranked up till 350 mbps, without any issue. Basically tod...

dinofly by Honored Guest
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Oculus Quest 2 Having issues

So, I startup my quest 2 after a week with my dad. i come back and when I get on, all my apps are gone besides settings and help, I can't access explore, the browser, or oculus store. The Wi-Fi is fine. My account is fine. This all started Thursday n...

broken headset strap

broken headstrap,i had this headset well taken care of untill june and through the end of october and the headstrap broke and so it's might as well be junk i dunno what to do and my warrenty was jun 10so i have no ideas how to fix it or get it replac...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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