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my oculus app wont install on my laptop. when i try it works then at the end it tells me to restart my pc and when i do and try again it still dose not work.

Anonymous by Not applicable
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oculus link cable not working

Hello, so I am currently trying to connect my oculus quest 2 using the Insignia link cable chord and it is not working. I have a windows 10 or 11 laptop and I have the oculus app but unfortunately the cable chord wont connect. My laptop it is saying ...

Avacadooo by Honored Guest
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Beatsaber not sharable?

So I bought a Quest 2. Purchased many games. Fast forward 6 months and my son bought a Quest 2. I’m the admin on his headset so the games are sharable. We see many of the games I have purchased except Beat Saber, FitXR and Synth Riders. Anyone know w...

New Game - Private Property

Is it possible to suggest games to be added to the oculus library. I played Private Property at a VR center and this game is similar to Elven Assassin but on a wild west theme using guns instead of bows, comfortable to play and good fun. Unfortunatel...

oculus quest 2 crash red light blinking

So i was just playing VR chat with my friend(this is my son) and then it just crashed midgame and a red light was blinking we think it broke we looked all over the internet and nothing other then the same thing as him does anyone know how to fix this...

Something went wrong...

Every time I put on my quest 2 it says something has went wrong and it is unable to track, all I can do is click okay and use my headset without the tracking our Guardian even when I reboot it I have this problem this is a brand new headset and I jus...


I am playing Pavlov and seem to be lagging every time I try and run or turn. My ping is usually the best in the lobby and internet is perfect. I have tried to Uninstall and restart quest. It was working two days ago..

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Lone Echo help

I started to play Lone Echo on Oculus Quest 2.I keep getting crashes after a short while of playing.My PC has 10700k, rtx3070, and 32 gb ram. There is no way this game requires more spec than that.I tried a number of things such as reverting back to ...

rootmin by Explorer
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Oculus link with hand tracking

Does anyone think that if you use the oculus link cable to play on steamvr or the oculus rift software that you could use hand tracking as well? I mean the knuckles controllers for the index seem to be very popular and that playing boneworks with the...

SteamVR Hand Tracking Support

Hi,Will we ever get support for SteamVR to utilise the hand tracking on the Quest/2? Possibly where it tracks fingers and controllers at the same time to act exactly like Valve Index controllers...My questions really are:Are there already plans for s...

Voidoz by Honored Guest
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Cannot Disable Microphone When Casting

So i want to cast my gameplay to my computer to record, however the cast includes the microphone and I don't want it to. The only known way of disabling the microphone is disabling it outright, which when playing a multiplayer game isn't ideal. Am I ...

LazySensy by Honored Guest
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Hi,Sister and I bought Oculus Quest to our Mother. My sister did not buy it with the referral link in order to avoid the Oculus Quest being linked to her Facebook account. Now, that we have the Oculus, how can I get the $35 referral? Would it work if...

FredRoy11 by Honored Guest
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