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My Facebook account was hacked and I haven't been able to regain access to it. I had to hard reset our quest 2. Is there any way to restore my purchases without having to pay for them again?

Lala7189 by Honored Guest
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How to play 360 videos on oculus quest 2

Hi  I have a few 360 videos recorded on a go pro 360 (as MKV files) and I can't manage to play them back properly on my oculus quest 2. Whatever option I choose in the TV app i get a strange and dizzying "double image" of some sort. Is there somethi...

Oculus App

Same problem here, received my Quest 2 today and was very excited to get into operation. Now I am so frustrated with with oculus app that I almost threw my cell phone away. It is as if I never had a facebook account.I am getting very dissapointed her...

dondill by Honored Guest
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Quest 2 tracking cant make a quardian

I have literallly had the quest 2 for 3 days and allready its saying something went wrong with my system and I cant track so I cant make a quardian and I have tried resetting power off and back on and I wait 20 seconds it will pop up saying make a gu...

Pandoxity by Honored Guest
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Pair new controllers

Hi. I have a new right Oculus Touch controller. However Oculus Quest cannot see it. I search for any advice to re-pair controllers, but all manuals (even the official Oculus manual) says that I should use phone app to un-pair and pair again the contr...

Shalx by Honored Guest
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Cross platform

Hi, I just wanna know if quest 1 and quest 2 can play together ? I’ve been searching but I don’t find the answer to that’s question thank you in advanced

VALNYS by Honored Guest
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Trying to set up my quest 2...

I'm sure this is a noob question but I got my quest 2 and started setting it up but it just wants me to link it to my phone app. When I click on my FB account it just spins forever and the headset says I have to finish setting up through my phone. Th...

Link horrible on windows 11

I upgraded to windows 11, and now my air link/ normal link is broken. i have set it on 120 hz, but in the performance overlay i see it loses like 30% of its frames in games.

Alibami by Honored Guest
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Oculus Teams Audio

Hi there, I've been trying to record the audio from my Oculus Team. It records my voice and gameplay audio perfectly, yet it doesn't output my friend's voice. Is there a fix for that or is it intentional?

EggWorks by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Firefox stuck on opening screen (quest 2)

Hi! When I launch firefox (quest 2) the app opens OK and I can see the home screen but trying to "click" on any of the menu options doesn't work. The options will be highlighted when I point at them but pressing the buttons on the controllers doesn't...