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Disappointed in Adult pron content

I was excited to go from an Oculus Go to a Quest 2 because of the significant higher resolution. But what I found was the videos looked just as blurry only missing the screen door effect using the Quest 2. I checked a couple of 4K videos just to veri...

aguy10 by Heroic Explorer
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Issues with NOT FOUND

I haven't been able to connect my phone and oculus because the app is incompetent and keeps stating not found" even with it showing a green dot. I've already factory resetted my Oculus Quest twice now and support is of no help. Can someone smart plea...

Got problem with my oculus link

I'm bored with your help, when I connect my oculus quest 2 to a PC and connect to oculus link, I get a gray screen that starts to flicker a lot, maybe someone has encountered this problem? help solve it

Versonya by Honored Guest
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Restart Loop Quest 2

I just got my oculus quest 2 for my birthday yesterday when all the facebook services shut down, my system software update had finished 1/2 downloads and i left my headset on waiting for servers to come back on, check back few hours later and headset...

Kinzuar by Honored Guest
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VR Gaming if Oculus server down?

As most will know, the Facebook server and with it Oculus VR was down earlier today. First I knew was when I tried to enable Oculus Link to start a VR session in the flight simulator X-Plane 11, on my PC: what I got was a black screen in Oculus Link ...

Map left thumbstick to WASD?

I have a desktop game that I'd like to play via the Rift "desktop". Is there any way to map the thumbstick on the left controller to PC standard WASD movement? Or map other buttons to standard keyboard buttons for that matter?

Jhelzei by Honored Guest
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Resolved! Air Link con tarjeta Pcie wifi 6

Hola a todos algien ha probado de conectar el visor directamente al ordenador sin router usando una tarjeta se pciexpress wifi 6??? Me refiero a una Tp-link Archer TX 3000e wifi 6 Bluetooth 5.0. Tengo router de serie de la compania orange i no tira m...

Ostap94 by Honored Guest
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New laptop

So I have a new laptop that I keep getting this "unable to launch vr app due to pending hardware issue" I can't for the life of me figure out what the issue is. If I link or airlink I get to the oculus home in the computer side but it won't let me fi...

Right controller losing tracking

Hi recently noticed an issue with my right controller, it works fine and never loses tracking while in use but if I'm playing one game and decide to launch another after I click through the quit dialogue I only have my left controller tracking. I can...

Quest2 128gb Screen is Fuzzy.

I just Purchase the quest 2 128gb model. I've cleaned the lens. I've repositioned the lens. But it's still very FUZZY/Blurry. Even Watching videos on YouTube VR. The experience sucks. The manufacture date Was 2021/08. I'm wondering if anyone With th...

isItwoot by Honored Guest
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Broken Controller.

Hi! So basically I've had my Oculus Quest 2 since December last year. Everything was working fine until somehow... my left controller just stopped working. Theres no physical damage that I can see. I've tried swapping batteries and nothing seems to w...

New Q2 - graphics issue

Hi All. Received new Q2 and I'm new to VR. I'm experiencing wavy effect on almost everything in view (I believe it's called Ailising issue). It is as if all 3d objects has a pixelated wavy effect, including apps, games and the guardian grid. Also dis...

Mits2B by Explorer
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Stuck on Boot Loop after update!

3 days ago I've woken up to my "supernatural" work-out to find out the light on the side of the oculus is RED, which was funky cause it was plugged in all night.SO, I've looked inside and saw that it's "Updating' I was all happy to get the latest ver...

SK-Home by Explorer
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Cast to Oculus 2

I would like to cast my phone or my computer TO the Oculus 2, thereby using the large screen to watch video that is within various membership sites and not on public sites like YouTube. I know I can cast from Oculus 2 but I would like to cast TO the ...

Zak2030 by Honored Guest
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Looking to extend my playtime

Hi oculus quest 2 users im looking for an accessory to extend my playtime. The elite strap is too expensive for me and i have seen reviews that it breaks easily. Can anyone who has an oculus quest 2 and has extended there playtime give me advice on w...

AshR28 by Honored Guest
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Air Link Not working.

Every time I try to use Airlink. Either after I pair it. It would make my pc screen black. Or do 3 dots then kick me out of the home screen? And then close my oculus pc app then turn Airlink off. I do not know how to fix this. Please help me

71fna by Honored Guest
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HP windows labtop air link

Tried to pair it and it still has yet to launch I did everything for it I downloaded the app and also allowed air link in beta it finds my labtop on the oculus and I put it but it doesn’t let me launch it Bc I sit there and tried to launch it but it ...

harux1 by Honored Guest
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